On April 10th (Sat) 2010, the seminar "Homoeopathy for Mental Health", hosted by JPHMA was held.

yTorako Yui Ph.D.Hom, Chair person of JPHMAz

yFrom Tokyoz

yFrom U.K.z

yMs Takada from Nagoya city.z

yMs Matsumoto from Osaka city.z

yMs Toyoike from Fukuoka city.z

yMs Okamoto from Tokyo.z


On April 10th , the 255th anniversary of the birth of Samuel Hahnemann, the founding father of homoeopathy, eHomoeopathy for Mental Health ` the presentation of successfully cured cases in psychological symptoms `fwas held as a kicking]off event for the World Homeopathy Awareness Week 2010 in Japan.

The seminar was broadcast live between all our seven locations throughout Japan and London. Although it was held during evening hours, more than 220 people participated in this event.

At the beginning, a leading figure in a homoeopathic scene in Japan, Torako Yui Ph.D.Hom (A chair person of JPHMA) spoke about what she found through long-term her own experience as a homoeopath, leading a lot of people who is suffering from illness to cure in terms of how inner being should be, how to think and how to live life.

Secondly, as itfs absolutely necessary for mental health, she gave us explanations about how to heal our inner child with showing some cases. After Dr Yuifs presentation, another 4 homoeopaths made presentations of their successful cases related to mental symptoms. Ms Takada from Nagoya city, Ms Matsumoto from Osaka city, Ms Toyoike from Fukuoka city, and Ms Okamoto from Tokyo.

During the question time, some serious questions were posted. For example,eHow could we deal with the stirring feeling like worthless or depression?fDr Yui answered to such questions with showing her strength and opening her heart. Her answers gave the audience something like a ray of light, and they were impressed and hung on her words intently till the late hours of the night.

There were many comments, it was very meaningful to participate this seminar, so we could learn much about the fabulousness of todayfs seminar and a high concern of the participators for mental health. Letfs just hope that a lot of people who are suffering from mental symptoms are blessed with homeopathy.

JPHMA will conduct the events that concern abouteMental well-being Body and mind in balancefin Japan throughout the year, following the international unified theme of WHAW in 2010.

JPHMA was informed that there are useful evidence based information in how effective homoeopathy works for e depression f e sleep disorders f e hyperactivity disorders f by WAHW office, and they have already carried on the website.

As a part of North American Homoeopath Without Borders, JPHMA is engaged in supportive activities to help affected area of the earthquake in Haiti by sending homoeopaths and provide homoeopathic care there. If you support our purpose, please contribute to our activity.


yFeedbacks from audiencez

- Ifve got a positive experience to listen to Dr Yuifs soulful speech from her own experience. Itfs easy to understand her speech leading to how to live life. Itfs something worth following, so Ifd like to live like that as well. I think this is real Homoeopathy promoting here. Ifd like to have a health consultation. Thank you for the seminar today. Itfs really nice participating in this seminar.

- I was surprised the case that a woman who had grown up with abuse could accept the periods of difficult and grief as thatfs the way life goes. I think Homoeopathy is brilliant. Ifd like to be a Homoeopath who can help others.

- This has been the first time for me to participate in the seminar like this. I could understand various things through listening to Dr. Yuifs speech and they were lots of things which relate to my current problems. As was expected, I thought deeply about allowing our emotions to show especially.

- I started Homoeopathy about a half year ago, but I havenft been able to reveal enough and Ifve found that I still have a tendency to suppress. Itfs memorable what Dr. Yui said emphatically, itfs necessary to transmute oneself radically. I thought itfs true. Itfs nice to see the various cases as well. They were enlightening and brought me a sense of hope. At one time, I had not been able to get rid of my abusive brother for 8 years, I couldnft have self]confidence, love myself, and accept myself. Now Ifve consulted a Homoeopath and Ifm getting better little by little. Ifd like to participate again.

- I think I participated in the valuable seminar. Sometimes, I didnft know what to do for the person who has severe mental symptoms. But now Ifll get along in hope. The well]considered choice of the remedies by Homoeopath and ameliorating examples of the clients should have filled many people with courage. I donft know why, but while I was just listening to Dr. Torakofs speech, I had tears come in my eyes. Thank you very much.

- As one aspect of elimination, I have a feeling of wanting to die at the moment. I used to have that, so Itfs nice to come here today for me. Ifll get it through and live myself. First of all, Ifll live life at a slower pace and praise myself.

- Itfs wonderful seminar that I could understand how to use Homoeopathy in our life theme.

- Though Okinawa is in subtropical zone and people here are warm as well, there are a lot of psychiatric patients unexpectedly. There are also some around me. There is no guarantee that my relatives will not suffer mental disorder, so the theme of todayfs seminar was very good for me. And I think the important point of the seminar was emotion should be expressed preferentially than reason and thought. Ifd like to mend my ways a little bit and be honest to my own feeling. And then I admire professional Homoeopaths because they can find mental problems of who has taken lots of psychiatric drugs and even from a type of cough, and lead to heal completely.

- A case presented today was so touching for me, because Ifm suffering from eating disorder and Ifve got fear of other people and light as well. Itfs been two and a half years since I met Homoeopathic remedies, now I can enjoy meeting with people, face my motherfs death, and my eating disorder is also getting well. I think I owe what I am now to helping of Homoeopathy and Homoeopaths. I still lose my theme to overcome sometimes, but Ifm going to tap into a flow and going my way. The cases presented by professional Homoeopaths today were very helpful for me. Ifll be happy if you run seminars like this again in the future. Thank you for today.

- Itfs first time for me to participate in your seminar. Itfs the seminar that fulfilling in content and inspiring. Itfs easy to understand and I was more fascinated in Homoeopathy. Itfs very informative. Ifd like to try the remedies which presented in todayfs cases by myself to get well. Ifm glad I was able to listen to the speech. Thank you so much.

- Ifm studying to be a counselor. In the field of counseling, when we deal with mental health or mental patient, we learn very matter]of]fact things such as about actual drugs or how to report to the police. But listening to this lecture, I recognized that the clients who are suffering from mental symptoms are treated just the same as who have physical symptoms in Homoeopathy. I felt just not good enough at first, but in the last part, after the message from the teacher in UK, there was an explanation about what is the difference between the approaches of Conventional medicine and Homoeopathic remedies. I was impressed and surprised by how difference they are.

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