WHAW World Homeopathy Awareness Week
The commemorative seminar for Hahnemannfs Birthday
2011 Theme: Musculoskeletal well-being

Homeopathy and Exercise  ~ build up our physique for preparing against disaster ~


  Homeopathy and Exercise `build up our physique for preparing against disaster`

Itfs Hahnemannfs birthday today.
In celebration of Hahnemann's birthday, homoeopaths around the world hold lectures of the same theme as awareness campaign

The universal theme of this year is eMusculoskeletal well-beingf
In Japan, Ms Yui presented a lecture which subject was ebuild up our physique for preparing against disasterf and Ms Masuda ran a workshop to build up our physique ,as we should prepare for unpredictable disasters.

The first half : The lecture by Ms Yui

At the beginning of the lecture, It was reported what relief activities had been like, which had been conducted in afflicted area of Tohoku from 01-03 April as a digest version of the video pictures.
The basic concept of her lecture was the ancient Japanese wisdom because they had deeply recognised a link between mind and body.

Old Japanese understood about eChif very well and they stood or walked in accordance with the flow of Chi. When we listened to the details of that, we had had an aha moment because we had got western education. So participants took notes with nodding heartily. We think we could re-aware of the treasure in Japanese a lot.

The last half : The workshop by Ms Masuda

The participants changed into gym clothes grooved to do some exercise.
Ms Masuda showed us how to use our muscles which are not used in our normal activities effectively and tone up their essential muscles in time to music. Though itfs in a short time, the way of using our muscles she had shown was based on the structure of human body and it shows that she teaches anatomy at CHhom. The participants enjoyed exercising with the feeling a little bit painful but comfortable.

Two hours and a halffs lecture went by surprisingly fast.
At first, the participants put a strained look on their face. But after the lecture, smiles came back and the lecture room echoed with laughter.

Thanks very much for the wonderful lecture, Ms Yui and Ms Masuda.

Itfs really helpful. Itfs wonderful lecture. I could learn so much from the great knowledge of Ms Yui about walking, standing and legs. I enjoyed exercising with Ms masuda. Ifll exercise in daily life from now. It was really nice to participate this lecture today.

Despite I had taken some classes of walking, stretching and yoga by my own choice, My body had been still inflexible.
But I knew homoeopathy six years ago and I have forced to face my problems through homoeopathic consultation. It has made me more flexible and now Ifm spreading comfortably. I understood how emotions affect our organs or blood and accepted the idea that there is a link between the body and mind. During the stretching, my inflexible legs made a strained look on my face. But when I found my inflexibility, I could relieve my strain and stretching my legs. I felt better and nice after the stretching.

After the stretching, I felt really refreshed. Ifve never been aware of inner muscles before, but I felt I need to keep exercising in daily life through todayfs exercises. It was really nice for me that I could find only one side of my body was painful and there is an imbalance in my body.

It is pleasant to do exercising in time to music with others, isnft it?

I could learn a lot of very important things in daily life. Ifll let people know what I learnt today at study meetings.
Exercising was also very nice. Ifll keep exercising, otherwise I may forget them. I had a very good time. I was lucky to have come today. Thank you very much.

I recognised how important the neck muscles are. Ifll ask my body why there are painful parts in my body.
Ifll do exercising learnt today everyday in incremental steps. Thank you very much.

Though these exercise looked less vigorous, but I sweated a lot. Ifd like to pay attention to my posture, as I usually do computer work. Thank you very much.

Ifm feeling generally agreeable lassitude. I donft usually do any exercise, but Todayfs exercise was just appropriate level for me.

When I was young, my body was more flexible. But now I felt itfs been becoming inflexible. I had a pleasant sweat and am feeling agreeable lassitude. Now my body is relaxing and Ifm feeling nice.
Ifm busy with work and have no time for exercise. But we can do exercising during travel to or from work to wake up our muscles, canft we? Ifll try them.

Ifm really moved by knowing the brilliance of the features of Japanese body. Ifll build up my body steadily.
Ms Masuda showed me the exercises which align bone strains, so Ifll try to do that exercises to align them every day.
I paused to realize that my body is inflexible.

As I was thinking to take up some exercises, todayfs lecture and practice was very grateful. I will advice my clinents to start walking. I think todayfs lecture was very important content.

As joints and muscles are the parts to get deteriorated as long as we take care, I thought it was important to do exercise every day and use homoeopathic remedies.
As health is the most important, I will take up todayfs exercise for my daily life.

As I was being lack of exercise, it was very good feeling. It would be grateful if such event was held regularly.
It was very useful information to know what homoeopaths should do every day and which disease we might suffer.
It was very enjoyable time. Thank you so much.

I realised if our bodies cannot move when it is emergency, we cannot do anything. As we had such a big disaster, I felt so. It was very practical time and I would like to start this exercise every day.

It was great fun. I think something awaked after unused muscles were moved. I would like to carry on this exercise every day.