■Mediale Welten Kongress (In Badenweiler, Germany)

Torako Yui, chairperson of JPHMA, visited Germany

Mediale Welten Kongress was organised by Rosina Sonnenchmidt in Badenweiler, Germany on 6th, 7th and 8th May 2011. On the third day (8th), Ms Yui was invited to this congress to give two presentations.

Badenweiler is famous for health resorts and near the Swiss border, being city's outlying area, however, about 160 people participated this congress.

The theme of the first lecture was ‘ The remedies for radioactive contamination’. Ms. Yui reported dire state of the affected area of Tohoku Pacific Offshore Earthquake. Then she explained how she dealt with it as a chairperson of JPHMA and how we could cope with this disaster with homoeopathy point to point.

Germany is one of the environmentally-advanced countries. Therefore, the participant were interested in this radiation contamination very much and listened earnestly to her lecture. Many people were in tears, listening to such enormous damages.
The participant seemed to have impressed with the DVD of natural farm, which Ms Yui suggests, and they applauded it, even it was in the middle of the presentation. When she referred to the specific approach to radiation contamination with homoeopathy, they took notes very eagerly.
The lecture also talked about the ill effects of vaccinations. Ms.Yui presented how to deal with the problems with her original three-dimensional method and showed her cases as well. And these captured participant's attention very much. Then at the end of the lecture, Ms.Yui announced JPHMA Homoeopathy International Charity Conference is going to be hold in this October and made an appeal to people in Germany.
When the lecture had finished, there was a burst of applause. The participants gave her a standing ovation and it lasted long.
We were really glad that it seemed that people in Germany recognised the earnestness of JPHMA, led by Ms Yui, efforts and attitude.

The theme of the other lecture was ‘Treatment for inner-child’. Ms. Yui presented how the wrong belief including the problems of inner-child bring up disease and also how the spiritual aspects with very typical cases.
For the people in Germany, it seemed that the Japanese concepts for disease, which based on Japanese Shinto or Buddhism, were very interesting. Then when the lecture was finished the participants gave her a standing ovation and it lasted long again.

At the closing remarks, Ms.Yui was invited on the stage. After the healing chanting, the congress was finished up with a big chorus of the German song which makes our heart open. Everyone had a really happy look.

In Germany, many people were impressed by relief activities of JPHMA, led by Ms.Yui, and have a feeling that they want to keep supporting. And there were many people who gave Ms.Yui a donation for JPHMA directly.


Dear Torako
please apologize my delay sending you the wonderful feedbacks of your lectures and of our meeting Monday morning. After the congress I had to give a 4-days-seminar and after that another in Berlin. Now I am at home and can relax.
The top ranking feedback of the whole audience was:
You gave us such hope, such warmhearted message which has helped us for our own life. Many people had been full of fear. What will happen in the future? Will radioactivity destroy our life? But when you gave your first lecture and we saw what you and your colleagues realized in Fukushima we all shed tears. It touched our hearts the way you think and do your work. It is your spiritual attitude and intention which overcame cultural differences. Suddenly we felt: there is not a lady speaking in a foreign language, coming from Japan; there is no Japanese translator. No, there is a human heart touching our heart, each by each. We appreciate your courage, your clear sense and pragmatic way of doing your work. You gave us an example how therapists, how homoeopaths can think and work. With each word and the evidence of the pictures we saw the useless walls of negative thinking among Homoeopaths in our country zerfiel zu Staub. We felt ashamed to waste so much time to argue what is the right or classical or genuine homoeopathy. Japanese homoepaths give us a positive example of tolerance and a creative mind. You are the pioneer-lady who teaches us the right way of thinking. You do not only treat the survived people in Fukushima, you also treated us with the “similimum”, the best and perfect remedy: love and humanity. Thank you so much for that experience.
We have understood the struggle you and your country has to overcome. We pray that the wonderful culture, the spirit of Shintoism and Buddhism will carry you through valleys and mountains of life.
Thank you for all helps and advices you gave the group of therapists on Monday morning. We all feel inspired as we have the same spiritual attitude in Homoeopathy. We feel very close as each of us is a pioneer in holistic therapy, in holistic Homoeopathy. We appreciate very much your kindness to share your great wisdom with us.
The young lady who spoke about the herbal sauna experiences has collected some photos. I put them in an extra PDF file.
In our new magazine “Mediumship and Healing Art” we write about your contribution to the congress. We send you the next issue. The first issue I send per airmail so that you can get an impression of our work.
We like a constant contact between the Japanese and German Holistic view of Homoeopathy.

All the best for you, your health and your work.

We keep in touch as soul-sisters

Yours ever Rosina

Dear Torako
in the meantime I got another couple of feedbacks from German Homoeopaths which I have translated for you.

1. Sandra Schiebel, Heilpraktiker
Dear Dr. Yui
you gave 2 wonderful lectures which inspired me an encouraged my work. What you said sounded so familiar to me. It was a great favor to meet you. Thank you and all the best for your further work in Japan.

2. Enrico Thiele, Heilpraktiker
although I do not speak your language, neither enough English you reached my heart. You gave me so much support to go on in my holistic work with cancer patients. I use your herbal sauna for patients and they are so happy with it. I admire your courage.

3. Dr.med. Konrad Weiss, gynaecologist and psychologist
I am deeply impressed by you strong emanation of hope and spiritual power. You encouraged me very much to go on with my spiritual development, mediumship, and my holistic view of Homoeopathy.

4. Dr.med. Ekkehard Seever, medical doctor for Holistic Homoeopathy
Thank you so much for your lectures which touched me deeply. I feel familiar to your way of thinking and treating. Rosina told us a lot about your work in her seminars about miasmatic Homoeopathy and I was happy to see you live. I was in the little group Monday morning and want to thank you for this special meeting. Now I use the herbal sauna for my patients and try the cancer remedies.

5. Dr.med. Romana Richter, gynaecologist and Holistic Homoeopath
I was overwhelmed by your radiation of hope and positive thinking. I learned a lot about courage because among medical doctors there is a lack of courage and positive attitude. As I attended all courses with Rosina (miasmatic Homoeopathy and Training of mediumship) my work got very successful. By your lectures I got another wave of inspiration to use my spiritual senses and mediumship in my work. I wish you and your colleagues all the best, much success in Fukushima and a strong health. It was an honor to me to meet you.