Report: Inspection of affected area on 20 July 2011

Ms Yui moved from Sendai city in Miyagi to Miyako city in Iwate on 20 July.
She visited coastline towns in Sanriku from south part to north part.
She affirmed everthing was engulfed by Tsunami and turned into raw land no matter how big towns or small villages they were.
She spreaded remedies at necessary places.

Rubbles there were almost cleared and all of them were being asked how they were going to reconstruct themselves as the same situation in Sendai yesterday.
At the seminar in Taro-cho, Ms Yui expressed her wish to reconstruct the town on higher ground.
We also wish they make town planning project for next generation as we do not see such terrible scenery again.

Spreading remedies in Minami-sanriku-cho

In front of the building safety control centre of Sanriku town hall

Crossroad in the central part of Rikuzen-Takada city

Rubbles' collection place. It is about 5 meter high. Such huge amount of rubbles were collected.

Spreading remedies at rubbles' collection place

Taro area in Miyako city: Collapsed 'super' breakwater and its inside.
The breakwater could not function and the towns were totally collapsed.

Sea side of the 'super' breakwater. Outside was also collapsed.

She visited temporaly housed at the first time and gave seminar at their meeting place.
She also gave short consultations to them, hoping to give their mental supports.

20 July (Wed) gWake up, Japanese! Thank you for let us being aliveh seminar was held in Miyako.

Ms Torako Yui moved to Taro-cho in Iwate from Sendai.
Taro-cho is a town, which received terrible damages by Tsunami caused from the Great East Japan Earthquake. There are temporary homes and a gathering place, called greenpia Sanriku, in Taro-cho and Ms Yui gave a seminar. Over 20 people, who are spending their refuge life there, got together, including elderly people and gentlemen.

At the beginning of this seminar, Ms Yui talked about her background, which she was born in sever natural environment, experienced disasters for many times, how she met homoeopathy and homoeopathic natural farming, which she is putting in practice.
The audience seemed to emphathize with the story, as they were nodding earnestly.

Ms Yui kept her passionate talk in front of the disaster victims all the time. She gave guidepost how people in Taro-cho should live from now and explained that it is important to have grateful feeling towards something greater and Japanese people originally have such mentality with showing her experiences at affected areas, anecdotes, myths, oral literatures and her clinical cases. Although there are many people who hear about homoeopathy at the first time, such talk appealed their mind and they listened to the talk with enthusiasm till the end.

In the end of the seminar, Ms Yui passed donation, which were collected by JPHMA, towards people in Taro-cho.
We cannot stop playing for their life to be improved and earliest possible reconstruction.


Thank you very much for visiting Iwate. I was so happy to meeting Ms Torako Yui ♡

I might have been nodding with misunderstanding, but I thought I would like to find a little happiness and family here. I felt at ease a little bit.

I was so impressed by natural farming. As I had a small farm and was growing vegetables, the talk was very helpful.

Although it was first time for me to listen to homoeopathy, I thought it was good to attend. As it was such wonderful talk, I wanted more people to listen to. It was shame with such a small number of people.

It was my first time to listen about homoeopathy. Although contents of the talk were sometimes difficult, I was given such wonderful talk. Thank you very much.

It was good contents.

I was lucky to be given an opportunity to listen to such powerful talk.I would like to believe self-healing power (in mind and body).Even I reach menopause, it would be good to live moderately on front line as a human-being.

It was very interesting seminar.I could get hints for what I wanted to know and was thinking of.I agree that it is very important to live with confident.I also agree that it is a difficult era..

Can I regard homoeopathy as one of alternative medicine?It would be great if homoeopathy is applied at hospitals as Chinese herbal medicine.Thank you so much for visiting us in such far place from Tokyo.

It was very good talk.

JPHMA is going to keep our support activities cooperativelly with our local members for people in affected area to keep their reconstruction works possitively by giving mental and physical support and purifying the lands.

Moreover, we attach weight to farming. We would like to support reconstruction of their soil by promoting natural farming based on principle of homoeopathy as food is the most important for us to keep our health.

This relief activity and result of study will be presented on the first day at JPHMA Homoeopathy international charity conference at Tsukuba International Conference Centre on 8, 9, and 10 October this year.
It will be discussed by guests from the world and Japan how we could change our environment, radioactive problems, natural farming based on homoeopathy and transformation into natural energies.

Homoeopathy International charity conference