Report: Inspection of affected area on 19 July 2011

Chair of JPHMA, Ms Torako Yui visited affected area and gave seminars in 3 prefectures in Tohoku from 19 July to 20 July.
She also inspected affected area in each places before the lectures.

On 19 July, she moved from Fukushima city in Fukushima to Sendai city in Miyagi.
In Fukushima, she inspected land near to Fukushima 1st nuclear plant.
In Miyagi, she visited exactly the same place as the one she visited last time.

The prime purpuse of the seminars in Tohoku this time was to present a result of provings of her new remedy made from radioactive contaminant soil in Fukushima.
In addition to this, she poured the remedy into a river, which flows on the land with high radioactivity value as before.
She poured the remdy into a river in Soma city.

Pouring remedy into a river (in Soma city)

She also inspected coast in Soma city, where she could not visit last time.
A lot of pine tree was dried up and we can see the seriousness of salt damage.
As it is important to deal with this salt damage in order to revitalise the land for farming, JPHMA is going to study about this.

The coast in Soma city.

She visited Wakabayashi area in Sentai city and Higashi-matsushima.
Rubbles and trees were cleared away, and it seems that they entered into the next stage for reconstruction, how they treat this affected land.

Although physical matters have been cleared, there are still people's feelings remained on the land sometimes, she spread remedies and played for the the repose of their souls in order to move on next step.

The below is comparisons with the sceneries on 2 April 2011.
We can see that the recontruction work has been moving ahead steady.
Wakabayashi area in Sendai city

Nobiru station in Higashi-matsushima

Touna canal

shimunuma area in Higashi-matsushima city

Spreading remedies (Higashi-matsushima) on grave yard, where their grave stones were collapsed.

Ksitigarbha, who survived form this disaster

Trumpet Creeper (Campsis radicans) beautifully bloomed in Shimonuma area - a symbole of victims'souls

She moved to the venue of lecture in Sendai city after this inspection.

19 July (Tue) gWake up, Japanese! Thank you for let us being aliveh seminar was held in Sendai.

Second day of seminars in Tohoku

Torako Yui and the team moved to Sendai today.
It is three months to the day since they visited here in April.

The theme of todayfs seminar is eWake up, Japanese! Thank you for let us being alivef
This seminar sparked sensation in Tokyo and other bases by using TV conference systems at daytime and in Fukushima in the evening yesterday.

Now, Japanese people are forced to be woken up to very important things.
Japanese people has been carried guilty feeling and burdened feeling of worthlessness.
We have to recover from these mentalities and the restoration will start from Tohoku.

At the seminar, Torako Yui talked about time when people were living with nature and were having deep and reverent awe towards great nature. She also introduced anecdotes of forefathers with wonderful spirits in Tohoku.

She also reported about visit of affected area in Miyagi in this morning.
As we saw with our own eyes that reconstruction works have not caught up yet, we were assailed by a melancholy more than a little.
At the land, only Campsis grandiflora, which victimfs spirits have dwelt, were quietly outblooming.

Torako Yui talked about meanings of lives, devotions, and happiness to people in Sendai with sincerity and from the heart. People there learnt the importance of devotions. They chanted Hyakutaishojyofutobarai (Japanese ancient Shinto) in the end.

From micro to macro. Each personfs awakening leads to this countryfs real reconstruction.
We wish everyone getting up genuinely without further delay.


I realized eIt is time to changefwith getting over this disaster. I thought I had to change. Ms Yuifs talk got to my soul and encouraged me to change. I would like to recall todayfs talk after I went home. Thank you very much.

Although I have attended Ms Yuifs seminars, I get power every time when I listen to her talk. I had lived with sense of worthless towards myself pretty much. After I met homoeopathy and listen to Ms Yuifs seminars and have consultations, I started to enjoy my life. I would like to listen to myself what I should do for 3 months.

Accept everything which occur to you! The word by Ms Yui really gave me courage. Listen and follow to my own voice. I would like to know about remedy makings more. I would like to think deeply meaning of the word eJapanese remedies for Japanese peoplef.

Thank you so much for visiting Sendai again. When I see Ms Yuifs face, I get power. Ms Yui also gave me homework. I thought I would like to live with looking for answers of the homework every day.

When Ms Yui showed the situation of affected area 4 months after the disaster, showing outbloom of Campsis grandiflora, I felt dynamism of nature. Although it will take more time to reconstruction, I thought we should learn from naturefs strong living attitudes. I would like to take the new remedy, RA Fukushima. I get power after I listened to Ms Yuifs powerful seminar more than usual. Thank you so much.

I realized again it is important to see and know what has good quality, correct, and truth. I find difficult to admit emy own individualityf but after I met homoeopathy, I started to try to do so. Although I have not become to love myself yet, I would like to love myself and enjoy my life with using homoeopathy.

Thank you so much for visiting us in your busy circumstances. I was encouraged by Ms Yuifs positive talk. I was grateful to hear that a thing happens as it should be happened. I felt it as the same as words in the bible, eRejoice Always, Pray Continually, Give Thanks In All Circumstances.f

Thank you very much. I sometimes use remedies, when I have coughing attack. I was regarding homoeopathy as European, but after Ms Yui showed me the VTR and Japanese gods are also related, I felt so happy. I will try to live my own life, too. Thank you.

I realized again that importance of devotions, living my own soul, and we are just let to be alivecsuch things make us to live our own live. If we live in such a way of living, we will get real health.

I felt very ease. Thank you very much.

The theme was just what what I was distressing and Ms Yui gave me the answers. Thank you for the seminar in Sendai. I would like to try the new remedy, RA Fukushima.

Please come to Sendai again. Thank you very much. Ms Yui gave me power again. I realized it is important to ennoble conscious from our ancestors and our own spiritualities. I am sure that this is the central of Tohoku and Japan will rebirth! Ms Yui, please keep leading us now and in the future.

I decided again to live as I want with joy to the fullest. I also thought that I would like to treasure my husband. Ms Yui gave me so much power and courage. Thank you very much!

As I had a tendency of thinking too much, this disaster made me to think too much and I was confusing myself. However, todayfs seminar reassured me that things can be much simple.Thank you very much.

Thank you very much for the wonderful seminar. It taught me a lot and I would like to attend another occasions.

Thank you very much for the wonderful seminar. It taught me a lot and I would like to attend another occasions.

Ms Yui, thank you very much for returning to Sendai. When it was just after the disaster, I could not notice my feelings, anxieties and fears as it was just so bustle, but it is 4 months to the day since the disaster, I was suffering from many emotional problems.After I listened to todayfs seminar, I felt hope which direction I can go with my feelings. I would like to live myself with consulting homoeopath. Please come to Sendai, again!!Thank you very much.

Terrific! I was so glad to attend todayfs seminar. I have become more interested in Ms Yuifs world. It was wonderful as I could learn not only about homoeopathy but also about Chuang-tzu and the sutra (hannya shingyo). Thank you very much.

Ms Yuifs seminar changed my value of thinking towards life. I felt that my soul was shaked. Please come to Sendai again! I will definitely attend ! I would also like to try the new remedy, RA Fukushima.

I was so impressed by Ms Yuifs way of living and thinking. I really respect her strong will and courage to live what her soul taught her. I am being enthusiastic about supporting people by teaching a way how to release themselves from what they were indoctrinated. I would like to change the world and Japan. I am hoping peaceful earth with full of caring in the future and wishing myself to have courage like Ms Yui.

Thank you very much for teaching us today in the busy circumstances! I was given love and power by Ms Yui again and got power and hope to live!! Thank you so much!!

I was given power again. It gave me an opportunity how I should live as a gJapaneseh. Although I cannot have a clear image right now, I will try to ponder with taking time. Thank you.

Although it was my first time to attend the seminar, it was joyful one. I would like to attend again if there is an opportunity.

Ms Yui always give me power and courage. The contents of her talk have been deepened since the disaster and she gave us a lot of grateful stories.

Ms Yui taught us hidden truths and secrets. Thank you very much.

We are heading to Miyako in Iwate on 20 July.