Report: Inspection of affected area on 18 July 2011

July 18 (Mon & National holiday) g Wake Up, Japanese! Thank you for let us being aliveh Seminar was held Fukushima.

The lecture in Tokyo was finished on July 18, and Torako Yui left today for Fukushima, Sendai, Iwate. She will give a series of talks in the stricken area. Approaching to the Fukushima Station, we started to see the roofs of the private houses were restored here and there. This was the first lecture ground, and the scars left by the earthquake were still visible.

Despite it was the final day of the three-day holiday, enthusiastic participants gathered in Terrsa Fukushima for the talk which was scheduled to start at 18:30. Ms. Torako talked about famous figures from Fukushima and praised the wonderful character of people in Fukushima where people were suffered from a etriple disastersf (the earthquake, the tsunami, and the radiation poisoning). Ms. Torako reminded them of those things which they should be proud of and strongly appealed to live with dignity, without belittling themselves. Participants leaned forward and their attention riveted on Ms. Torako throughout the talk, devoting themselves completely to her talk. That was impressive.

Ms. Torako touched on the Fukushimafs radioactive remedy and explained that was exactly what the people in Fukushima needed with specific examples. The remedy will be of help, especially for the people in Fukushima.

The talk ended with applause and success. We wish participants of the talk will lead the people of Fukushima to tackle a rehabilitation of society and a restoration of mind, with a gratitude for let us being alive and start to live positively more than ever.

The talk will be held on tomorrow, 19th of July at the TKP Sendai Conference Center, starting at 18:30. We hope many people would participate from Sendai and its environs.


I was encouraged so much by Ms. Torakofs powerful talk. It made me realized that I am OK as I am, and I just live as I supposed to. I thought that I was an existence having been kept alive by the god. Thank you. I was moved to tears many times. I think that my soul was surely pleased.

As I parted with the family after the earthquake, there were many occasions I felt uneasy. I was able to listen to the talk just when the meaning of being kept us alive gradually started to make sense to me. It made me feel like keep on going. I am appreciated for given this opportunity. I just wish to be able to do what I need to do calmly without blaming anybody else, cherishing things around, and not being too greedy, nor being nasty to others. Thank you. I felt like tasting the blueberry raised with no agricultural chemicals even though I had been reluctant to do so. I wished I brought some of them today and presented them to Ms. Torako.

I had been not able to think about what being let alive was. The talk made me feel for the first time since 3.11 that because I was in Fukushima, I could think of something valuable for my life in the future, such as ewhat is living?f and ewhat is like to feel being let alive?f. I personally think that we are entering into the survival era. I want to live calmly with gratitude and a help of homeopathic remedies.

Why the earthquake needed to happen in Tohoku? or why Fukushima had to have tsunami and nuclear disaster?cI was overwhelmed with these thoughts. To me, time seems to stop since the disaster. We could not open the window despite hot weather, we could not breathe in fresh air, and children needed to go to school wearing masks and long sleeves. I wanted to cry but couldnft. It could not be helped because it was a natural disaster but nuclear plants were made by human beings. I just could not express enough how much I hated it. I was just being a victim. Ms. Torakofs talk stirred me up. I feel that we need to tell the world how wonderful people we Japanese are, our moral sense, how we survived through this global crisis. And, we need to keep our children safe. There are a lot to be done. I will keep moving on with homeopathic remedies with lots of love, facing the reality and feeling now is the happiest time ever!

This was the first time for me to listen to Ms. Torakofs talk. I am really glad to come as Ifve learned something which never been taught at school. I was victimized and so scared about radioactivity. However, now I can feel that if we make importance of living enowf, it will lead us to the future. Thank you very much for todayfs talk.

Thank you for your valuable time for today. Thank you for an energetic talk following the one in April. Please encourage the people of Fukushima and Japanese people as many as possible in the future. I am encouraged to move forward, thanks to Ms. Torako.

I wanted to meet Ms. Torako today. So, I cycled as fast as I could. I had been anxious living in Fukusima but I started to feel that it is OK to take this accident in a positive way.

The talk gave me a hope. Thank you very much. I will move on step by step with my feet and my hands.

Thank you for giving the talk in Fukushima. Ms. Torako cheered us up. I will fight through with radioactivity, along with my small children! I am grateful for getting to know about Homoeopathy.

Very surprised to know that there is a remedy matching with my symptoms. Ms. Torakofs talk moved me, and I shed tears.

I was glad that I could made it today even thought it was such a short notice. To live true myselfc.this made me think about a lot of things. Thank you for coming to Fukushima.

Thank you for today. Thank you for caring about Fukushima. I was impressed as todayfs talk was synchronized with what is happening to me now. I felt at ease as I can feel now that I was not alone. I would like to see you again.

I felt less worry about radioactivity.

I thought that I had faith but it was gone due to many things happened. Today, I have it back.

Thank you for today. I am grateful for things every day. I sometimes make a handwritten copy of a sutra. I think it is very important. I will continue doing it in the future.

To tell you the truth, my mind was not touched by talk. I have been taking radioactive remedies, but I have a feeling emy mind is hardenedf. I wonder this caused my numbness. The more I knew the fact, the more I got irritated about Tokyo Electric Power Company and actions taken by the authorities. I got angry with the risk advisor of the prefecture, and I was very disappointed with policies of the prefecture. So I want to try the Fukushimafs radioactivity remedy. I found all of the remedy pictures in its proving matched with what I have been experienced. Yes, all, totally all of them. I think that the remedy will help me to live at ease. Thank you very much for the talk.