Report: Relief activities for Tohoku Pacific Offshore Earthquake on 2 April 2011

At 7.00 am gNo petrol !h
Ms Yui deperted toward Sendai.
When we tried to fill petrol at Kunimi service area, petrol had run out just
before we arrived and in Sugao parking area, the petrol station had big queue of people waiting for filling petrol.
We also saw track towards Miyagi fully loaded gas tank.
We can clearly see the people in Miyagi need such fuel.
According to the local information, in the area of the coast affected from this disaster,
afterquake around level 4.0 on the Japanese scale is still occurring and evacuation order is announced by local wireless radio.

At 9.30 am gIfm stunned ch
Wakabayashi-ku, Sendai City stricken by Tsunami.
We crossed over the East- Sendai toll road and found that the area had been completely collapsed.
When we were in the car, it had not really hit us. But once we got out, all we could feel was grief and itfs traveling through our legs.

We sprinkled over the purification of the soil and prayed for the repose of souls.

It is completely mess by fallen trees and water still remain in the ground. Where should we start to clear up.

I guess this area had been probably rice fields. But Ifm not sure because lots of sands were deposited and prostrated pine trees were lying down. I wonder where they were originally.

An uncollapsed shrine surrounded by the debris.
Separated from the daily lives.
Only the debris in the road had been cleared away.
Collapsed buildings, leaning buildings had been there.
We canft see any lives and hopes at the moment, but I believe theyfll sprout out from now on.

Now, we will move on to the way to Miyagi prefectural office to pass the donation money from all over Japan.

At 11.00 am gEstablish a new town in the national foresth
Ms. Yui Visit Miyagi prefectural office
1 million JPY donated by the members of JPHMA and people who loves Homoeopathy from all over Japan is handed to the staff of the head office of Miyagi disaster relief by Ms. Yui.

Miyagi prefectural office was very handsome building.
According to the staff, the building has quake-absorbing structure and didnft have much damage from the quake but it was hard to clear up all the documents or other stuff in the office were scattered.
Apparently there is no destruction of buildings in central of Sendai city.
After all we can see the damage is caused from the Tsunami rather than the earthquake.

At 13:10 pm gAll of our colleagues had been cryingh
Ms.Yui is arrived at Heanel Sendai.
We were glad to see the members of JPHMA living in Miyagi again safely.
We received emails from the members, who had been encouraged by messages from Ms. Yui, saying e cI am very looking forward to seeing Torako Sensei (Ms. Yui) again.B

Then we will have meeting with people living in Miyagi.

'Meeting with people in Fukushima'
'Countermeasure for radiation and mind care'

The meeting with people in Miyagi
In Miyagi, there are still aftershocks occasionally and lifelines, gas, petrol, etc, have not recovered enough. The site at where we were supposed to hold the seminar had been closed because of the quake damage, but we could realise the lecture thanks to the people working for the site and had made a hard effort in fixing it.

Though in such a difficult situation, people of all ages had been gathered at the site and when Ms Yui entered the lecture room, many people rushed to and crowded round her with cheering. At the beginning of her lecture, she read a poem which she had written when she visitted afflicted area and saw collapsed town in the morning aloud. She was reading the poem with her eyes fill with tears and choking up with tears so some participants also shed tears of sympathy. When a participant expressed her appreciation and said eThank you for coming to Miyagi in such a situationf in tears, all the participants become one.

The lecture eMeasures to radiation contamination and mental care
Ms. Yui showed how to cleanse the soil or the body which contaminated by radiation. Itfs contained the knowledge from the experiences of the Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and Chernobyl and how to deal with it by homoeopathy. Then let them know the useful remedies which can take by themselves as selfcare for preventing PTSD from the fear or anxiety of earthquake disaster. The participants earnestly took down the note with a nod or leaning over.

The graduation ceremony of the RAH
The graduation ceremony was held for a student of the RAH who lives in Miyagi and could not participate the earlier ceremony which had been held in Tokyo because of the earthquake disaster. Ms Yui hugged her eagerly and appreciated the efforts, which she had made for heady 4 years. The student thought back her school days which she have had to go for a long way to Tokyo and was choked with tears. Then she closed with appreciative words that filled with love for her home; eI could not have done this without supports from people in Tohoku.f

The meeting with people living in Miyagi and the lecture eMeasures to radiation contamination and mental carefwere finished up with a great round of applause.
And the impressions of the participants were lasting long.

We would like to thank you all in Miyagi for coming todayfs seminar. It's our, all of the JPHMA membersf, sincere hope that the seeds of homoeopathy sowed in Miyagi can heal the damaged earth and the hearts of the people and the flowers and the fruits of them spread widely in the people to come down to children.


I was grateful that I could listen to Torako senseifs speech in this very difficult situation. She gave us helpful advice such as how we should keep our mind strong, how we should use remedies or how we should live and I am very encouraged from that. I consulted about my relatives who lost their house and the every single word from Torako sensei was touching my heart. I will pass the advice from her to my relatives and try our best to support each other. I truly appreciated that we was given a lot of remedies too. Thank you so much!!

I thank Torako sensei and other staffs very much for coming to Sendai in this hard time. I could not stop crying as the words from Torako sensei touched my heart so much. I think we need to consider what we can do so that we donft waste the energy of the souls from victims which Torako sensei felt in the area and their life. There must be something what we couldnft realize until we have this much of calamity and this much of victims. I think this is the time for us to start certain action. Homoeopathy must be very helpful for supporting victimfs mentally, I will try my best as a one of student trying to become a homoeopath so that as many people as possible can have benefit from it.

Thank you very much for coming to Miyagi in this hard situation to support us. Fortunately my family and house was safe but still the past few days was very hard for me and almost I couldnft stand from anxiety, sadness and variety of emotions every time when I see the terrible situations. As I heard from Torako sensei, I would like to do what I can do now as I heard from Torako sensei, as who thankfully survived from this disaster. I will start from making simple my life and then gradually keep carry on what I can do. I thank to everything which gave me this spiritual awaking.

When Torako sensei started her speech I could see the grief from her that she felt in the affected area. This lecture was about what we can do from now on as being Japanese, a human and one who is given life from nature as part of it rather than how to deal this situation with homoeopathic remedies, and I was given an advice how we think and act and how we can survive with patience. I would like to look inward myself again. I am relieved and thought that we should not be scared from radiation too much from the story about people who could live well with eating the foods containing radiation. Thank you for coming here in Tohoku. I was given so much energy.

Thank you very much for the lecture today. Seeing Torako sensei cheered up me and I could recognize the meaning of - ewhy I am survivingf. Now the all things I can do is to do things what I can do. But I believe that it will become greater power and we will be able to think we are OK. Ifve heard that children have their own task (an assistance etc) at the shelter and they say eWe enjoyed doing our own taskf. I think they are learning important things what canft learn from study at school. So the future of Japan will be OK. I would like to give them remedies. Keep up the good jobs Yui. Ifll be also hanging in there.

Thank you very much for holding such a meeting and lecture though the chaos was still lasting. Through this earthquake, I felt various emotions in a short period of time and could review my daily life up to now. Though I think eIfm OK.f, I had got some symptoms.
But Ms Yuifs lecture encouraged me and that made me harmonizing myself. Ifd like to do something for the recovery and start to something I can do for that. Ifll emphasis on the connections with people. Thank you very much.

Thank you for coming in the difficulty of getting petrol. I feel like getting a power through just meeting Ms Yui. After the earthquakes, I hadnft have been able to sleep everyday and it had been hard days for me, but after I took the AAA(Acon. Arn. Ars.) remedies, my sleep has been improving little by little. So Ifd like to try the remedies for sleeplessness which I got today. Ms Yui said eYou are not lonelyf and Ifm really for her. Many people helps me so Ifd like to make efforts to help others as well. Now Ifm thinking why Ifm surviving and Ifd like to live as what I am. I truly thank you.

17F45@Visiting a cafe eROUTE 99f
We visited a cafe, ROUTE 99 ,which is in Chomeigaoka, Sendai and plays primary roles in the relief activities of the JPHMA.

Shortly after the earthquake hit, the glasses at the main entrance had been broken and electric, water and gas supplies were all stopped. So they had stayed the ground floor of the shop. Because there is a wood stove there.
The gas supply has not been restored yet, so they use this stove as a hob as well as a heater.
Though there were no glass in the window frame, the shop had been opened already as usual.

The wood stove is doing a great job!

At ROUTE 99, Japan homoeopathy center Sendai Chomeigaoka A commemorative photo of homoeopath Atsuko Takahashi, the director of the ROUTE 99 with their staff.
Ms Yui and the staffs gave applause to a homoeopath, Ms Takahashi, who bases around Sendai and had done well.

These are EXPACKs by which the members living in Aomori had sent the relief supplies to the ROUTE 99. They are really helpful !
The normal home-delivery service was not working except for EXPACK, so many people had used it and sent them such as battery and disposable body warmers in smaller packages.
Some people living in Aomori had sent them shredded fresh vegetables by using EXPACK and they said that they had been really moved by their warmth.

In front of the main entrance of ROUTE 99, the homoeopathy center Sendai Chomeigaoka
A commemorative photo of Ms Yui with the staffs
eLetfs keep up, Sendai ! f