Messages from Torako Yui, Chairperson of JPHMA, to JPHMA members in affected area

Dear JPHMA members in affected area,
Thank you for sending me emails individually.
I read all and could see everyone in affected area have been experiencing really hard time, however I could also see that you have learnt something big to grow inner side of you from these sufferings.
One person said eMy house was collapsed, but I am still alive. I am just thankful to this situation.f
I really respect everyone there.
I believe that everything will turn to happiness if we regard ourselves as a pebble, as I always say.
I am planning to visit Fukushima, Miyagi, and Iwate for three days from 1 April.
I would like to sprinkle remedies to the lands to purify lands and repose souls.
Letfs pray Heart Sutra and Shinto ritual prayer, wishing victims go to heavenly world at ease and without having any regretful feeling.
Letfs think again, what we learnt from this sacrifice and what we have to do from now on.
Letfs be wise more.
Letfs work together to make Japan to be a country, sending warm mind of love.
eHuman being cannot do anything if we stray from nature.
We, human being, are allowed to live as a part of huge nature.


Torako Yui@Chairperson of JPHMA