Charity lectures by JPHMA chairperson, Torako Yui
21 March
Theme: Dealing with emergencies
Emergency! Practical use of homoeopathic remedies in disaster situations

It could be seen people’s deep concern about emergency disasters, as there were more than 250 people turned out through conference system all over Japan.
JPHMA reported about their relief activities and messages by JPHMA chairperson, Torako Yui.
Messages and reports from homoeopaths and students of homoeopathic colleges in Tohoku area were also reported so that people in non-affected area of Japan, could understand the situation fully.
At the lecture, homoeopathic remedies for anxiety and fear at disaster situation and prevention from PTSD were introduced. Moreover, remedies for effect of radiation, were introduced.
Torako Yui called for all participants on getting over this catastrophe together.
Her wish should have reached to people, who could not attend this lecture even they wanted to do so.