Relief supplies reached to affected area!
Fukushima at 4 AM, Sendai at 7AM local time.

Two gentlemen, who departed Tokyo to supply goods on behalf of JPHMA arrived Fukushima and Sendai at very early morning on 18 March.

They met JPHMA homeopaths in Fukushima at 4 am and in Sendai at 7 am.
The supplied goods (homoeopathic remedies, water and dried vegetables, etc) were passed to them to distribute to other people.

They left Tokyo in the evening on 17 March, drove Route 4 during up North during midnight, and arrived Fukushima at 4 am. It was snowing there and the car tyres needed nonskid chains.
Although their arrivals were much earlier than expected, the representative people there were so glad to meet them with tears.
They drove Route 4 up North further and arrived Sendai at 7 am.
JPHMA members there had already got together at meeting point. They said that they would distribute the homoeopathic remedies to people as much as possible through tears.
Each members also keep sending their gratitude messages to Torako Yui individually.
They expressed that they would hold on together in Tohoku (North east) area of Japan.

The supplied goods are going to distribute to people in Fukushima and Sendai by local JPHMA members.
They will bring homoeopathic remedies and supply of goods, which were donated by the below companies.

●Institute of Homoeopathy Co.

  • Dried vegetables (grown in homoeopathic natural farms)
  • Dried fruits
  • Miso
  • Vegetable juice
  • Sucrose pillules (20kg)
  • Homoeopathic remedies for dealing with disasters
    (PTSD remedies for mental trauma and injuries and Radioactivity remedies for harmful effects from radiation)

●Homoeopathy Japan Co.
  • Homoeopathic remedies and mother tinctures
  • Remedies for dealing with disasters
    Sleeping disorders (Coff / Phos-ac / Chin / Valer / Mag-p / Cocc)
    Anxiery (Ars / Chin / Verat / Cocc / Rhus-t)
    Grief (Ign / Nat-m / Cycl / Carb-an)

Message from Torako Yui, the chairperson of JPHMA, to victims and sufferers in affected area

Dear everyone,
As it is getting cold due to snow and strong wing, it must be so hard for you to endure without having heating facilities.
However, if we see this situation from different viewpoint, we might be able to call ‘blessed’ snow and wind, because the snow condense polluted substances in the air and the strong wind towards sea blow polluted air off.
I keep praying for you to be eased from trauma in mind and body, injuries, harmful effects from radiation by taking homoeopathic remedies.

Best wishes,

Torako Yui Chairperson of JPHMA