■Message from Torako Yui, the chairperson of JPHMA

Dear ICH colleagues and all my friends in the world,

Thank you very much for sending so many messages to concern about me, JPHMA members, nations in Japan over these three days since the biggest earthquake and Tsunami attacked Japan on Friday 11 March.

I have carried my message to everyone on JPHMA website.
( http://www.jphma.org/gienkatsudo/20110311_miyagi_en.html )

I would like to use this opportunity to thank you all for your warm support.

Now, conventional medicine teams are working on emergency treatment in order to rescue people, who are at risk of their lives. We, homoeopaths are working on treating mental care of victims and sufferers to avoid post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

I have sent a letter to Ministry of Health and Welfare today as attached and am preparing to send volunteer people to affected areas with free homoeopathic remedies. I myself are going to visit there as soon as when traffic and transport are recovered. 

I just have carried the following message to victims and sufferers on JPHMA website.

The 9.0 magnitude (provisional value) tremor struck at around 14:46 local time on Friday 11 March 2011, off Sanriku coast of Honshu island at a depth of about 24km, 400km (250 miles) north-east of Tokyo. The 7.4 magnitude was measured in north part of Miyagi prefecture at 15:15 on the same day. In south part of Ibaragi was also hit by a tremor of magnitude around 6.0.

At the moment, approx. 15,000 people are missing, and the death toll has been counted 1,800 so far, however more numbers are expected.

There was a Tsunami of higher than 10 meters and many coastal towns were wiped away.

Such extensive areas were affected and there are still afterquakes in many places in Japan.

I would like to express my hearty sympathy with all the people who have been involved with this terrible disaster.

Tremendous devastation generated by this disaster has been confirmed in various regions and the biggest concern that is currently pointed out is the harmful effects by nuclear power plants in Fukushima.

Please bring with you homoeopathy home kits wherever you go out.

Whatever happened, we, who are involved with homoeopathy, shall keep strength and courage and offer helping a hand to those, who need support.

JPHMA is offering the 2 homoeopathic remedies below free of charge to people who are victims of this disaster and to people who feel anxiety and fear, thanks to the cooperation of Homoeopathy Japan Co. These remedies can be received at every shops of College of Holistic Homoeopathy (CHhom) all over Japan.


1.    PTSD remedies (Aconiet, Arnica and Arsenicum)

They are essential remedies for fear, anxiety and bruise, so please bring always these readies with you.
It is recommended that you should deal with shocks by this disaster with homoeopathic remedies in order to avoid PTSD.

2.    Radioactivity remedies (Cadm-s, Sol, Pluton, Kali-iod, Cadm-s, Rad-br, Uran-n, and Caes-h)
They are suitable for damages from radiation.
If you have a homoeopathic home kit, the below remedies are good for shock, trauma and emergency (they are also recommended to people who have suffered from PTSD).

    • Acon:    Fear, continued fear
    • Op:        Fear, numbness in fear sense
    • Arg-n:    Fear, panic
    • Stram:   Fear
    • Ars:       Anxiety, worry, diarrhea
    • Arn. and Hyper:  Bruise, injury
    • Canth. and Ars:  Burns
    • Phos:     Electrification

Nux-v. Ars. and Carb-v.: Pollution by harmful substances and polluted rains
Best regards,


Torako Yui
Chairperson of JPHMA

This huge earthquake in North east coastal area has been reported as the worst in Japan and I heard the news below as one episode that happened on this horrible day. The news made me think about meaning of this disaster, being in the midst of an ongoing process. I would like to tell you a very important thing on how I should accept and understand this disaster.

There was a young lady, who was working at the village town hall in south Sanriku town, which was one of the badly affected places. She was in charge of risk management in the town hall and had a responsibility to inform people in village that the town is expecting to have a huge Tsunami, so she decided to stay at the hall. Although her mother asked her to escape, this young lady did not respond to it and kept announcing people in the village through local transmission ‘Please evacuate from the village! Please evacuate! 6m high Tsunami is coming to this town!’

Her mother made the heartbreaking decision to evacuate from the village by a car, leaving her daughter behind. She managed to evacuate, listening to her daughter’s announcing voice. People in cars behind the mother were wiped away. They kept beeping horns in their cars, seeking help. The mother could escape to a mountain side, listening to her daughter’s voice and car horn sounds, but it was real pain to her.

In the end, most people at the village town hall were killed by this disaster. Only a few tough men who hanged on an iron pole on a roof terrace could survive. The young lady was announcing on third floor of the building until the end. All windows were broken and there were full of rubbles in the wracked building. It was found that the tsunami was not 6 meter high, but was 10 meter high, and wiped the young lady and the village town.

Moreover, the most serious problem by this huge Tsunami has now been on nuclear plants on the coastal area. Japan has approximately 55 nuclear plants on coastal places, which is extraordinary in the world.

What this disaster made me realize was that we should utilize natural energy that is safe to human boy, instead of nuclear power, if possible,

Japanese people should learn from this disaster and become wiser. We, Japanese should promote all over the world to start a movement to proceed with a system to supply electricity by a safer way that utilizes nature, to establish an electric power generation system so that Japanese people can say that no more nuclear plants are necessary ! And I would like to send out this message to expand such a flow from Japan to the world.

I think it would be very nice if people in the other countries in the world agree with and follow such a flow as reduce and ultimately extinguish nuclear plants. What Japanese people should do now is to replace nuclear plants with other resourced plants that utilize natural powers such as oceans’ waves, and winds. We really should move forward to develop other methods to produce electricity by using natural powers.

I am strongly feeling in midst of this disaster that Japan should start this move, dreaming a day when there is no nuclear plant in Japan.

At the moment, 1,800 people were found killed, 15,000 people are missing.
It is expected the death toll will be more than 10,000 people.

As Japan has already experienced atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, we, Japanese people really should send out a message that we do not want nuclear plants any more in our country. I think that it is time Japanese face this issue now.

Unless we, Japanese people, take an action after suffering from such a big disaster, huge victims and expected radiation exposure, any change will not happen to nuclear plants situation in the world.

    • I feel this is a mission of Japanese people, who suffered from this big catastrophe.

      That is why I suggest that Japanese should exert our best efforts to change the flow to produce energy. We could not realize how dreadful it is to have 55 nuclear pants if we would not have paid such a big sacrifice.

That is why I think we have to keep improving ourselves every day.

Hahnemann said ‘Aude sapere (Dare to know)’.

We have to tell what is safe from what is not, what is truth from what is not, and what is right from what is not. It is time to know those things.

I believe that people in the world will be saved if Japan stops relying on nuclear power.
I think that Japanese people should start this movement with courage. I really hope such dangerous nuclear plants will disappear from your countries as well, and that natural electric power plants will increase !

Dear my colleagues in homoeopathy,

I would really like to show you recovered Japan at the time of ICH and JPHMA international conference on 8, 9 and 10 October this year.
Please come to the conference in Japan by all means.
I am very looking forward to meeting you here in Japan.

With best wishes,



                         Torako Yui Chairperson of JPHMA