Letter to Minister of Health and Welfare

14 March 2011

To Minister of Health and Welfare,
Mr Ritsuo Hosokawa,

I am writing to you in the midst of ongoing disaster, although I assume you
are being extremely busy for dealing with this emergency situation.

My name is Torako Yui, who is a chairperson of Japanese Homoeopathic Medical Association(JPHMA), who visited Ministry of Health and Welfare on 20 March 2010 in order to explain abouthomoeopathy, one of alternative medicines.

Homoeopathy is good at dealing with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

I would like to ask you to support victims and sufferers of this disaster, as homoeopathic remediesare very good for caring their mind.

I would like to bring these remedies for them and listen to their trauma and shock throughhomoeopathic consultations.

When people receive such big shock, it is relieved when they speak out from their mouth.

I assume there are many people who cannot focus on their mind as they have to do a lot of things,however, this will create big mental trauma later.

Therefore, we, approximately 600 professional homoeopaths visit affected area with homoeopathicremedies in turns, and listen to their story for them to release their emotions.

I would like to ask you to understand our devotion to Japan and give us a permission of doing this.

Even if you could not give us the permission, I would like you to allow us to send our volunteers todo these activities to take care of emotional problems in victims and sufferers.

Yours faithfully,

                                 Torako Yui Chairperson of JPHMA