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WHAW2013 Pre Event Message


WHAW2013 Pre Event Message


"Message to WHAW members
from Torako Yui, chairperson of Japanese Homoeopathic Medical Association (JPHMA)

2011 April

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Torako Yui, chairperson of JPHMA, visited devastated area in Sendai on 1 April 2011 just 20 days after the Great East Japan Earthquake on 11 March 2011.

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Members in Sendai were waiting for Ms Yui Sprinkled remedies over for the purification of the soil and prayed for the repose of souls Charity lecture in Fukushima on 1 April 2011

'I cannot cry as my emotion is numbed. There were so many houses around here.But all of them were collapsed. Just like ravages from a war. It became mounts of rubbles. Lives of our fellows. Return to heaven.' Ms Yui sprinkled remedies, praying the victims were raised to the skies. Sprinkled remedies over for
the purification of the soil and
prayed for the repose of souls


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Rubbles' collection place in Rikuzen-Takada city. It is about 5 meter high. On 20 July 2011, Ms Yui visited 150 temporary houses in Taro-cho in Iwate, where 450 people were living and gave a lecture of homoeopathy Trumpet Creeper (Campsis radicans) beautifully bloomed in Shimonuma area - a symbol of victims'souls

2012 March

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Charity seminar in Fukushima on 11 March 2012. The banner is written 'We love our town! You shall not do self-abasement, Fukushima.'
The audience was provided fresh vegetables without being used any pesticides or chemical fertilizer from natural farm, Nippon TOYOUKE Natural Farming Co.
Ltd, which Ms Yui is the Managing Director.

2013 January

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On 16 Jan 2013, Ms Yui visited Peach garden in Fukushima, where they are using 'Active Plant'. This 'Active Plant' was developed by Ms Yui, made from 5 year fermented 79 kinds of plants and fruits, herbal tinctures which contain a lot of minerals, 8 kinds of radiation homoeopathic remedies and a homeopathic remedy made from soil near to Fukushima nuclear power plant. It can expect to propagate soil bacterium and improve radiation contaminated soil by spreading 'Active Plant'. Peaches from the left Peach garden were sent in the summer of the disaster year 2011. The garden used the 'Active Plant' and no radiation was detected. Ms Yui said 'I ate them with ease. In addition, they were delicious.

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Meeting with people in Fukushima to interview about their current situation on 18 Jan 2013. A baby with liquid form homeopathic remedy.
On 15 Jan 2013, Ms Yui visited Minami Sanriku-cho again. This picture was taken in front of the building safety control centre of Minami Sanriku town hall.
Just after the Great East Japan Earthquake, all utilities were stopped.What they relied on in a dark without electricity was continued encouraging messages to their mobile telephones from Ms Yui and homeopathic remedy home kit.Be prepared and have no regrets.

The World takes notice of revitalization in FUKUSHIMA.
FUKUSHIMA is a birthplace of aikido (art of weaponless self-defense). The motto of aikido is blending with the motion of the attacker and redirecting the force of the attack.
Sales of agricultural products in FUKUSHIMA got thrown off the market due to the earthquake with tsunami on 11 March 2011 (the Great East Japan Earthquake) and the radiation leaks afterward. Indeed, Japanese products were rejected to be exported for a period of time

As a part of WHAW event this year, I am going to give a lecture from FUKUSHIMA on 9 March, almost 2 years have passed after the disaster. I will present how FUKUSHIMA has been overcome their hardships from the disaster and interview results of their real voices about this disaster, then disseminate it to the world.
I would like you in the world to share their experiences and prepare for the possibility of disasters in your country

The most important thing is that the source of fear is not radiation or tsunami, but is within our own minds. When I interviewed people in FUKUSHIMA in January this year, I could get a wonderful result which many people there took homoeopathic remedies and overcame from the fear, then are now living in FUKUSHIMA in a lighthearted manner.
It will be a real pleasure for me if you could send a big yell to FUKUSHIMA who received such hardships, overcame such a serious disaster and regained their bright town.

I would like to introduce a part of 'The FUKUSHIMA Declaration' by Mr Yuhei Sato, Governor of FUKUSHIMA Prefecture. (http://www.pref.fukushima.jp/311ffc/311massage.html)


Humankind has never before experienced this type of disaster, a disaster where the natural catastrophes of an earthquake and tsunami were followed by a nuclear power accident which in turn caused damage to an area's reputation. We must reflect earnestly on why such a multifaceted disaster like this happened.

- Were we sufficiently prepared for the threats posed by nature?
- Had we overestimated science and technology?
- Had we squarely faced the difficulty of controlling nuclear power?

In these questions lie important lessons for the future.

We will engrave once again on our hearts respect for the awesome power of nature and not place excessive trust in science and technology. We will promote the creation of a society where all people can enjoy peace of mind.

Moreover, we will call for all nuclear power stations in the prefecture to be shut down so that an accident like this never happens again. FUKUSHIMA aims to create a society that enjoys sustainable development by promoting renewable energy and not depending on nuclear power.

Today the eyes of the entire world are on FUKUSHIMA. Through our journey of revitalization, we will show the world a new kind of society – one that balances community development and global environmental conservation. We will demonstrate the importance of mutual support among local residents and promotion of regional culture and pride.

The road that FUKUSHIMA has chosen is not an easy one by any means, but the people of the prefecture have already risen to their feet and started walking the path with their eyes set on the future. Joining our hearts together as one, we will face the challenges ahead.

Today on this first anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake, I make this FUKUSHIMA Declaration to the people of the world:

- We will create once again a beautiful FUKUSHIMA.
- We will build a dynamic and vibrant FUKUSHIMA.
- We will show the world and pass down to future generations FUKUSHIMA's revitalization process.

March 11, 2012
Yuhei Sato
FUKUSHIMA Prefecture


My lecture in FUKUSHIMA this year is titled 'A precious thing FUKUSHIMA could only have known from overcoming the disaster.' Although many people were killed by this disaster, survivors are still living their lives to the fullest in spite of the sufferings.
Here is to FUKUSHIMA's future! All the best to FUKUSHIMA!

May all be blessed with the benefit of homoeopathy!
Be grateful for all of creation, the existence of universe itself.
Wishing all of you enjoy living the gift of life

Torako Yui, chairperson of JPHMA
and 600 registered members


'A precious thing FUKUSHIMA could only have known from overcoming the disaster - Being kept alive by larger great mystery' by Torako Yui JPHMA chair person


Torako Yui JPHMA chair person gave a charity lecture in Fukushima.
Her lecture in Fukushima has been counted 4 times so far since the Great East Japan earthquake.
Today's theme of the lecture is 'A precious thing FUKUSHIMA could only have known from overcoming the disaster - Being kept alive by larger great mystery'. It has now been back for 2 years since the disaster.
It is warm spring weather in FUKUSHIMA today and is surrounded by gentle and blight light as if the disaster did not really happen.

We could have opportunities to talk to participants. Everyone was very nice people, being cheerful in a lighthearted manner.

Ms Yui picked up what she understood by visiting Fukushima and listening to voice of people in Fukushima and what we should learn from this disaster in Fukushima during her talk.
First of all, people in Fukushima dealt with problems in mind and body by taking homoeopathic remedies, got over from the problems and are now spending their life in good mental and physical health happily. This is a wonderful thing.

She also pointed out the importance of self-sufficiency for preparing in case such disaster happes again in future.
She is not only a homoeopath but also is a farmer and the managing director of TOYOUKE Natural Farming Co. Ltd, and told about current situation and problems in agriculture in Japan.

Finally, she told that homoeopathy can strengthen mind and body.
She introduced her cases, which homoeopathy had treated autism children, hyperactive children, mental problems in adults, problems of inner child with showing the case DVD. Those clients improved dramatically.
The lecture inspired all participants and received a big roud of applause.


We interviewed participants how people in Fukuchima could get over from various hardships after the disaster.Everyone used homoeopathy, faced their own minds and overcame from their fear. All of their words are weighty.

Tasting vegetables from TOYOUKE Natural Farming

Following the lecture, tasting vegetables from TOYOUKE Natural Farming was taken place. The vegetalbes are full of 'qi' and are grown without being used any agricultural chemicals. As they were so delicious, even children asked refill.

Dear people in Fukushima,Thank you very much for today.

Today's lecture in Fukushima was held as a part of activites in World Homeopathy Awareness Week (WHAW) and is going to deliver to the world.

WHAW:World Homoeopathy Awareness Week


Feed Back

I also attended the seminar in Sendai on the snowy day. The great thing of Torako-sensei is that she doesn't leave here strait away. She visited around affected area and encouraged and cheered up people of those area.I thought she was great again.I didn't have any damage from the Tsunami, also my family and relatives were all safe and my house was ok too. Yet I still cry when I see the image of the affected area and hear the stories about the disaster. I think the current situation of Fukushima is not that bad as much as people (in other prefectures or of media) think. All products sold in supermarkets are checked before they shipped and all rice bags are checked. Non notice inspection for Meal was also demonstrated and almost no radiations were detected. Results of the test of thyroid gland found not much difference with other prefectures. There are some people who react to anything excessively and make noise hysterically. The person who makes a fuss and make declare that it's going to be terrible as cyst of thyroid was found in around 40% of people. People who only can think things negative way. We should not underestimate radiations but I would like to tackle this radiation problem with the stance to take care of what we should. I feel really sorry that even NHK reports in the way of inflaming fear of people. I would like to care and support mothers and children remaining Fukushima so that we can live with hope and I hope one day we can say "We were OK even though we were worried that much." Finally it was tasty thank you for the meal.

I realized the importance of self-sufficiency again as whenever the disaster can happen again. I also was shocked that mass media don't report the facts happening in Japan. I think we can build strong Japan that doesn't depend on America by every single nation knowing the facts. I would like to appreciate that I live now and become able to accept everything. I lived in Fukushima for a long time. I have many acquaintance and friends there. I could feel the suffer of people in Fukushima very well by attending this lecture. I would like to do what I can do.

I had a lot of awareness after the great east Japan earthquake. I cried many times with the sadness like why in Tohoku, why in Fukuhshima. But I now can feel that I would be able to appreciate many people frankly and love myself instead of feeling sad as I experienced this disaster. I was very moved to tears from the story of Torako-sensei in the seminar. Thank you very much.

I could not watch the DVD of consultation for inner-child without crying. I originally from Hiroshima but I think there are some meaning for that I was in Fukushima at the disaster happened. I would like to face to myself more and more to get to my original pure state though I put in order and threw away the values that I got from my circumstances and parents by spending this last 2 years.Torako-sensei, please visit Fukushima again. Please accept Fukushima and make it lively. I would like to be so too. Thank you so much for today. I, who was born in Hiroshima and healed by Fukushima is living proudly as a Japanese.

I came from Sendai. There are some parts where being gradually reconstructed, but we still have the damages in our mind. I felt hard to watch the image of the disaster. In my case, the event from this great earthquake is becoming a memory that I can talk with laughter, but when I think of the people who lost their place to live and families, I sometimes get angry with myself able to nothing for those people. I have this feeling repeatedly, but I think I would be courage from the story I heard today in the next time I get the feeling of anger towards me again. I also would like to be careful of buying foods, etc on the market and live healthy together with my family.

Torako-sensei always gives me the energy and hope. Now near area of my house, removal of surface soil of the ground is demonstrated extensively. The flowering plants that grown many lives had gone and the sheets that grow grass artificially were covered on the ground to prevent landslide. It is really sad to see that the important nature disappears. I thought that it might be deferent if we treated nature with help of microbe and remedies in earlier stage but my thought is changing to do what I can do and enjoy the daily life. I could tell that Torako-sensei is really thinking of Fukushima. I would like to live with being proud of that I am citizen of Fukushima and I am Japanese. I would like to pass it to our children. I had a lot of hardship after the disaster but I could feel happiness more than that too. Thank you always.

Every time I watch the news about radiations, I often became anxious as I give unnecessary burden to my child by remaining in Fukushima. But I would like to live with caring of what we eat and using homoeopathy so that I can proceed the way I chose with confidence. I was avoiding the vegetables from Fukushima but I am surprised to know that we are surrounded by unnatural foods now and it's also important for us to avoid vegetables with plenty of agrichemical as well as radiations.I could have courage little bit more to live in Fukushima by listening the talk of Torako-sensei. I am looking forward to seeing you again.

I engage agriculture and grow vegetables but I could learn the risk of chemical fertilizer. I hope that my husband use homeopathy for it but we have a big gap between our thoughts and we can't do it. I think natural farming is really good for humans! Thank you very much for today. I think I tried too hard until now, so I would like to love myself and take things easier and raise child and do farming with homoeopathic remedies.

I applied this seminar just after I found the direct mail in my post yesterday (8 Mar). It was good that I could learn not only about homoeopathy but also the safety of foods and TPP. I was glad to see Torako-sensei today. My children all grown up already but I was assisted a lot by first-aid kit while raising them. Now my children are having their child so I would like to pass down the remedies. Thank you.

I start to think about my body and mind a lot since I started to take remedies. I started to be able to understand that everything has a meaning. I am very grateful to encounter homoeopathy. I get encouraged when I listen to Torako-sensei's talk. I think it would be great if she could also give lectures to teenagers.

Thank you very much for visiting us in your busy circumstances. I decided to learn about food more and consume safe ones. The provided food was delicious. Thank you so much. Torako-sensei, please take care of yourself. Thank you.

I understand fully that Torako-sensei has been given much attention to Fukushima in Tohoku just after Great East Japan earthquake. I was so encouraged by being provided a lot of remedies and homoepathic products at that time. We have to make a lot of decisions in order to live in here, FUKUSHIMA, but I decided to make efforts a little bit further with taking Anacardium,thanks to today's lecture.

Thank you very much for the wonderful lecture! Thank you for delicious lunch, too. I was energized from the food. I will do my best from tomorrow again as I was cheered up and encouraged at today's lecture! Please come back again. Thank you.

The lecture made me to think about my way of thinking and living. I made myself fall in ill. I expected people to change when I could not get on well with the person. However, today's lecture made me to believe and love others and take care of myself. Although I was feeling anxiety about radiations, I thought I would like to live positive without having the anxiety. Thank you so much for the wonderful lecture.

I came from Sendai. I attended Torako'sensei's lecture in Sendai 2 month ago. Every time when I listen to her lecture, I have a feeling of shaking my soul. There are a lot of learning. As homoeopathy has power to heal the Trinity, it is so useful to everyday life as well as emergency situation such as disaster. I would like to spread homoeopathy to more people as it gives great benefit to many people.

I came from Miyagi, as I wanted to listen to Torako-sensei's talk, as she has kept visiting affected area so many times and giving warm support and encouragement. Although it was my grandchild's graduation ceremony, I chose the lecture. I am using homoeopathic remedies to my 3 grandchildren.

Thank you so much for visiting Fukushima today. I could not stop crying by watching DVD which Torako-sensei was saying 'That's O.K.', looking back last 2 years. Thank you very much. The lunch was delicious. The vegetables and rice were alive.

Thank you for giving lecture in Fukushima today. I was amazed by the freshness of vegetables in TOYOUKE Natural Farming Co. Ltd. Thank you very much! The vegetables, rice and miso soup was so delicious!! Thank you.

It was great to listen to Torako-sensei's lecture, which I had been wanted so long. I had been living with anxiety about living in Fukushima as there are nuclear power stations. I am a nurse and had not been able to decide to leave here, but I encountered homoeopathy and had the first winter without having vaccinated. I found it was unnecessity thing after I investigated. My child is also much healthier this year than before. As I had been cracked up, encounter of homoeopathic remedies really saved me. I thought I would like to love and take care of myself after I listened to today's lecture. Thank you so much for the wonderful time!!

Two years passed since the Great East Japan earthquake. There are so much things to know after I experienced hardships and accept the sadness, as Torako-sensei told us today. Although I have not digested all yet, but I thought I would like to accept (forgive) myself little by little and spread to my surroundings. I will learn about homoeopathy more and use it to my daily life. Thank you.

Thank you for giving us the lecture for us who live in Fukushima. Just meeting Torako-sensei gave me power. Of course, the contents of the lecture was great. She gave us energy to us to live positively in Fukushima. Thank you very much.

It was such a wonderful lecture. It was worth attending. I would like to learn more about male sterile. I experienced relative's death, child birth, the Great East Japan Earthquake, and fire in last 5 years. I feel I get tougher after these experiences. It was good to encounter homoeopathy after I delivered my daughter. I am living in Fukushima, feeling anxiety about nuclear power stations and radiations, but I am so happy to live everyday as my daughter is fine and get on together.

I feel it is not only me who doubt about living and have a moment of desiring death. As I had never thought I am made to live, today's lecture made me to think various things and bring back the past. As I am a local civil servant, I sometimes upset myself as I could not do anything and despair. I was in dilemma between myself who wish to escape and myself who has to say 'it's safe' professionally, but I realized that I have to think what I can do in order to live in Fukushima with listening to today's lecture. This feedback might be irrelevant to today's lecture, this is what I thought. I regard the earthquake as an intense shock to come to myself. That was what I had not wanted to touch.

I had been suffering from atopic eczema since my childhood and have been facing to it after I am grown up. I tried various natural therapies, and was interested in homoeopathy, but was afraid of using it. I am afraid that my emotion is come out as I have trauma and relationship with my parents. However, I would like to try homoeopathy. I live in Fukushima, bringing up 2 children. I set up mother's group as I wanted to protect children from radioactive contamination. The more we work hard, the more disturbance for government to restore, so I feel exhausted about my helplessness. Government, education, medical doctors say if mothers feel stress, their children receive bad effects, so I am working on mothers to relieve their stress as much as possible. I could have a kind of hope to live here after I listen to Torako-sensei's lecture. I could see what I should do. Thank you.

I get power from Torako-sensei again. I was spending every day, worrying about effects of radiation, but I am calmed down. I decided to take careful note to myself from today. I might have fallen down if Torako-sensei is not here. Thank you.

I was away from homoeopathy for 1 year and half without any specific reason. I came here today as I received direct mail. After all, 'Torako-sensei' is wonderful. I listened to her talk, watch DVD, cried and got cheered up. Torako-sensei, please come back to Fukushima.

Thank you for giving me the hopeful contents. It became clear what I should work on from now. I have not found the specific way to sort out, but I will work on by myself without doing something what I am told.

I have been feeling unwell these days, but I found one of the reason today. As media keeps showing the Great East Japan earthquake as 11 March is nearer. It is very painful.

It was my first attend and the lecture was amazing. It made me to think that we should not give vaccination to my grandchild. Remedies are wonderful!!

Thank you very much. Please edit today's lecture to a book. I escaped with my children from Fukushima to Niigata, Kouzen and Aizu. I thought I could come back to Fukushima as there are homoeopathic remedies.

I could understand why NIPPON TOYOUKE Natural Farming Co. Ltd. today. I thought I would like to learn more about homoeopathy after I listened to today's lecture and watch DVD. I bought 36 basic kit.

I will take homoeopathic remedies, thinking positive way. I bought Basic 36 kit.

I appreciate that we could eat meal together after the lecture! My association also holds potluck meetings. I applause everyone's snuggle. I would like to use homoeopathy in my daily life more.

I could get cheered up after I listened to Torako sensei's talk first time in ages. Thank you very much! The food was also delicious!

Thank you very much for coming back to Fukushima. I could not stop crying by listening to the talk and watching DVD.

It was great talk. I learnt how much important to feel grateful and love myself.

Thank you so much, Torako-sense!! I could regain power which was weaken!!

Thank you very much for today. A lot of things impressed my heart.

I was blown away. Thank you.

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