18 Dec 2013

15th anniversary of the establishment The 14th JPHMA Congress An acknowledgment of appreciation

Dec, 2013

15th anniversary of the establishment
The 14th JPHMA Congress
An acknowledgment of appreciation

Thank you very much for attending and supporting the 14th JPHMA congress at Meiji Jingu.
Thanks to all your supports, I am very glad to inform that we could hold the congress successfully with 1,400 delegates in total for two days at Meiji Jingu. This congress offered the truth and goodness of Japan which Japanese people must know now, and the wonderfulness of homoeopathic way of living from various angles on the theme of 'Homoeopathy - A fusion of Love and Science' for reconstructing Japan. It surely touched the right chord.
Presentations by Dr R. K. Manchanda, the general director of CCRH from India and Dr Gustavo Bracho,President Advisor of Finlay Institute from Cuba, and Special guest speakers from Japan, and Case study presentations by JPHMA registered homoeopaths, all presentations were substantial and we could have the opportunity to feel them with whole body and soul. It was certainly 'Homoeopathy - A fusion of Love and Science'.
I am clearly coming to feel that the congress was a big step up in the stream of opening up the era of homoeopathy in Japan.
The general director of CCRH from India and the Cuban ambassador expressed their coopeartion towards homoeopathy which JPHMA is promoting and I think such cooperation will provide a critical boost to develop homoeopathy in Japan.
I would like to express my deepest gratitudes to all delegates and people who use and support homoeopathy. I believe that your conscious supported this congress and led it toward success. I would like to ask your continuous understanding and support JPHMA's promotion activities of homoeopathy for Japanese people to choose homoeopathy as one of alternative medicines for our health.

Torako Yui
Chairperson of the 14th JPHMA Congress
Chairperson of Japanese Homoeopathic Foundation,
The Japanese Homoeopathic Medical Association

8 Dec 2013

Commemorative photograph

Thanks to all your support, JPHMA could succeed in the 14th JPHMA Congress with 1,400 delegates in total for 2 days at Meiji Shrine Hall in Tokyo.

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3 Dec 2013

The contents of Dr Kaoru Kawada has been revealed.

Dr Kaoru Kawada visited Dr Yui at College of Holistic Homoeopathy (CHhom) in Tokyo on 30 Nov and had a talk with her. During the talk, he revealed a shocking content of his presentation at the JPHMA Congress, so we would like to share the information. It is time to enter a completely new era of science from now on.

The below is what we heard from Dr Kawada.

A fusion of Love and Science
A completely new common sense of science, which connect between substances and consciousness.

He found that water has a structure from primary particle to the 3rd particle by revealing electron micrographs for the first time in the world. He also found that water has a three dimentional structure by adding minerals and the structure is maintained even the mineral solution was diluted for the first time in the world.
He also found that water is constantly meeting and parting at a constant rate, and if a substance is added in the water, the rate of meeting and parting will be changed.
This is what he presented at the JPHMA congress last time.
This time, while Dr Kawada will outline the presentation last time, he will present his successful experiment in birth of life from inorganic substance for the first time in the world, showing a valuable video data which caught the moment of birth of life. He will also give a presentation to prove that soul has weight by experiments in which rats are used. Furthermore, he will discuss about a completely new possibility and vision in science, which connects between subsntances and consciousness.
This will be a historical presentation to open a new door for science.
On Sat 7 December, the first day of the congresss, all delegates will be specially distributed the Japanese translate of his international paper about his experiment in birth of life.
Dr Kawada will also join panel discussion and press meeting apart from his own presentation. He will join the welcome party 'Love is invincible' on Sat 7 December, too.
Please experience this historical presentation at the venue.
Dr Kawara reccommends to read 'The truth in birth of life. What is for human beings are living?' to understand his presentation fully.

25 Nov 2013

Feel Japan! Attractions on both days

Iwafune Musashi Taiko on Sat 7 December

Iwafune Musashi Taiko was started from a family in 1979.
Since then, the team has kept growing with more people from inside and outside their town. At the moment they have 50 several people, having variety of its age-group from 7 years to 54 years old. They work hard together to improve their skills.
Most of their performance music is originals, settling on the subject matter of nature and seasons in their local area.

■In 2008 Awarded the first prize at the 15th All Japan Japanese drum contest Big drum section
■In 2009 Awarded championship and prize from Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology at the world Japanese drum contest Individual section
■In 2010 Awarded championship at the 7th Bon Taiko Japan Contest (Japanese drums for Lantern season) Male section

Ichihime Gagaku-kai on Sun 8 December

Gagaku used to be played only by people who belong to the Japanese Imperial Court, serve Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples and specialists in Gagaku. In 1813, this restriction was released and everyone started to be allowed to play Gagaku.

In Kyoto, Kunitomi Hida started to teach Gagaku, then Tomihisa Hida, who currently serves the Imperial Court started to study and inherit Gagaku as a cultural asset.
Ichihime Gagaku-kai was established in 1980, aiming at spreading Gagaku as a Japanese traditional music by Tomihisa Hida. In order to hand down Gagaku properly, Shigeru Iwanami at Board of the ceremonies in Imperial Household Agency, directly teaches more than 200 members from variety of age group who practices musical instruments and dance every day.
They hold annual Gagaku performance. Recently, they are aiming at cultural exchange and are challenging overseas performance as a team 'MATOMA', a new culture from Kyoto to the world.

Their wonderful performance at JPHMA congress in Kyoto International Conference Center in 2009.

1 Nov 2013

English version of the 14th JPHMA Congress Special Website has been launched.

We keep updating news on this page when more information comes and more details are decided.Torako Yui, chairperson of JPHMA at the head of the list, many JPHMA registered homoeopaths will present their case studies.Furthermore, wonderful guest speakers will also give presentations at this congress.The registration fee is much reasonable than last year.
We would be delighted if you are able to attend!

27 Oct 2013

Dr Gustavo Bracho is going to give presentation at the 14th JPHMA Congress.

Head of Homoeopathy and Biotherapy project for the Carlos Finlay Institute, Havana, Cuba.

※Presentations: Sat 7 and Sun 8 December

Gustavo Bracho.jpg

The Carlos Finlay Institute, Havana, Cuba.
Dr Bracho will be giving presentations on the remarkable results he and his team at the Finlay Institute in their homoeoprophylatic treatment of Leprospirosis, a complaint that affects many Cubans in the hurricane season. The study shows how effective and safe homoeopathy is when compared to traditional medical vaccinations.
In November 2007, after severe floods in three provinces of eastern Cuba, 2.3 million people were declared at risk of Leptospirosis. After the Finlay Institute administered dilutions of Leptospirosis a significant decrease in the incidence of disease, and of the accompanying mortality rate of inpatients, was observed within a two week period in the intervention regions. The expected Leptospirosis epidemic was relatively low as a result. As Dr Bracho and his team continue their studies they will be presenting updated information.

27 Oct 2013

We received a message from Dr Satoru Utsumi. Profile of Dr Utsumi

About my presentation

I would like to take this opportunity of expressing my gratitude to be appointed as a speaker at the Congress. I have been looking into iatrogenic diseases and harmful effects of conventional drugs for a few years and found that such terrible world like the modern age did not exist before. Medical doctors and practitioners are responsible for this, but the citizen and the people are also responsible for this. This situation has been happened due to influence and history to hide and bend about medicine and food as well as history of Japan, but the citizen and the people have also kept being indifference.

In homoeopathy, soul and love are talked about. I am afraid, I might not have understanding of love and soul in depth, therefore, it will be difficult for me to talk about such difficult area. Instead of the area, I will explain about deep relationship between medicine and the world and its darkness, how they persecuted homoeopathy at the head of lists within their power relationship and talk about foresight of real medicine in 10 years'time.

I would also like to explain about falsehood in science. There were troubles for not only homoeopaths but also other people who aim at true medicine to have enough means against skeptic scientists. It is JPHMA and other homoeopaths' job to capture homoeopathy from scientific aspect, but I would like to talk about problems and contradictions in conventional medicine and conventional science as a medical doctor even I am a rogue doctor. As the presentation time is 60 minutes, I am planning to talk the outline and problem points of iatrogenic diseases and harmful effects from conventional drugs.

In fact, I have quite different image towards soul from the one which many Japanese people have. I do not believe existent soul theory basically, and keep having fundamental questions towards soul itself. It would be pleasure for me, such a nihilist to talk about soul from different viewpoint. It would be great if many people will participate in this congress.

10 Oct 2013

We received a message from Dr Kaoru Kawada Profile of Dr Kawada

Towards 'Homoeopathy - A Fusion of Love and Science'

Although Love and Science have been considered as opposite concept, it is not true. Scientific thinking to promote science itself is human beings' basic thinking behavior.

Scientific method and results have a big effect on human life. Human beings' thinking is at the bottom of them and universalistic love exists there with dignity. Besides various activities which are aware of them appeared from various places.

The typical example is homoeopathy - 'the Trinity of mind, soul and homoeopathic remedies. It is the most important that not only a physical action of remedies but also an act of love - a fusion of human beings' primordial mind and soul.

The world of homoeopathy is an act of the world which transcends the work of physical matters.
Genuine scientific verification towards this seemingly mysterious world is about to be done from Japan. Although it is not clear if I can report at this congress, but a big wave has started to appear. Let's bring homoeopathy up to human beings' fortune, taking this opportunity.