3 Dec 2013

The contents of Dr Kaoru Kawada has been revealed.

Dr Kaoru Kawada visited Dr Yui at College of Holistic Homoeopathy (CHhom) in Tokyo on 30 Nov and had a talk with her. During the talk, he revealed a shocking content of his presentation at the JPHMA Congress, so we would like to share the information. It is time to enter a completely new era of science from now on.

The below is what we heard from Dr Kawada.

A fusion of Love and Science
A completely new common sense of science, which connect between substances and consciousness.

He found that water has a structure from primary particle to the 3rd particle by revealing electron micrographs for the first time in the world. He also found that water has a three dimentional structure by adding minerals and the structure is maintained even the mineral solution was diluted for the first time in the world.
He also found that water is constantly meeting and parting at a constant rate, and if a substance is added in the water, the rate of meeting and parting will be changed.
This is what he presented at the JPHMA congress last time.
This time, while Dr Kawada will outline the presentation last time, he will present his successful experiment in birth of life from inorganic substance for the first time in the world, showing a valuable video data which caught the moment of birth of life. He will also give a presentation to prove that soul has weight by experiments in which rats are used. Furthermore, he will discuss about a completely new possibility and vision in science, which connects between subsntances and consciousness.
This will be a historical presentation to open a new door for science.
On Sat 7 December, the first day of the congresss, all delegates will be specially distributed the Japanese translate of his international paper about his experiment in birth of life.
Dr Kawada will also join panel discussion and press meeting apart from his own presentation. He will join the welcome party 'Love is invincible' on Sat 7 December, too.
Please experience this historical presentation at the venue.
Dr Kawara reccommends to read 'The truth in birth of life. What is for human beings are living?' to understand his presentation fully.