Feedback DAY 1, 7th Dec

●The presentation by Dr Yui was really overwhelming. I learnt there is a hope in homoeopathy after I saw the cured case of developmental disorder children. It is opposite to Monsanto's experiment which terminates after 3 months. It would be great if people know widely that JPHMA is supporting people who suffer from harmful effects in cervical cancer vaccine. People find a hope from stimulating self-healing ability by the first prescription. Thank you very much for the entertainment by Japanese drums which are No.1 in Japan and in the world. I appreciate that as I could feel live.

●I am so grateful that I could attend this congress 'A Fusion of Love and Science - Love is invincible'. I became lively and energetic only by seeing Dr Yui's face. I decided to pass down the fabulousness of homoeopathy to young generation by all means. Having considered about the future of Japan, I really wish Dr Yui take care of her health and save this country, Japan, from the bottom of heart. Thank you, Dr Torako, considering about Japan with full of passion and and love.

●I envied from bottom of my heart the situation in India and Cuba where homoeopathy is promoted by the government from the speech by Dr.Manchanda and Dr.Bracho. These reports really encourage us. Many Japanese do not know that homoeopathy is used in over 80 countries in the world. In Japanese Wikipedia, homeopathy is explained as if it is dangerous treatment. We may need to indicate the wrong information to attract people first. I would like to spread my knowledge to the truth and manipulated information.

●Case reports were fantastic. It encouraged me to study more. I could learn the importance of 'water, air, soil and the sun' and character of soul from Dr. Kawada's presentation. The presentation by Dr. Bracho also encouraged us very much. I was very interested the topic in 2007 since when I read it from the other paper. The presentation by Dr.Manchanda based on the data was also interesting. I think homoeopathy of India is excellent as it is systematic. I enjoyed the resonance of Japanese drum performance. I didn't know that Meiji shrine is such a beautiful place. I could get some energy although it was hard schedule. I was really glad to see vaccination cases by Dr.Yui. I would like to review my cases from the view point of Mercury and Alumina. This event spread my perception to the world instead of having sensation of joy and depressions to the spread of homoeopathy only in Japan. We can feel stronger if we have colleagues in the world.

●Dr Yui's case analyses are really wonderful. ZEN method is a wonderful method, but we will not be able to choose remedies efficiently if we do not analyse the background of the disease and analyses of organs and minerals. I really felt that I should keep sturying. The lunch box by Nippon TOYOUKE Natural Farming was delicious. I was impressed.

●Although I had doubts about ZEN method, I decided to start to use if after I heard Dr Yui's presentation. Thank you very much. I was also impressed by hearing that Dr Yui is offering free consultations to suffering people from harmful effects in cervical cancer vaccines. It is wonderful and I feel proud of it. I am very grateful for having learnt at Dr Yui's college and graduated from there.

●I had a big surprise and felt a hope by listening to Dr Bracho whose institute is a vaccine maker said that homoeopathic prevention is effective. This is my fourth attend of the congress from Hokkaido. The JPHMA congress gets extra boost every time and I feel love. If I can be qualified as a homoeopath next year, I would like to make the presentation at the Congres one day.

●All presentations were really wonderful and I breathed in every word. The sounds of Japanese drums penetrated into my body and got power. Every time when I attend the JPHMA congress, my passion for homoeopathy got increased and I feel reassured by having many colleagues. I will work hard for another one year, looking forward to the next congress time. I also appreciate everyone who run this congress.

●I was surprised by the high consciousness in people who got together at the venue. I thought such people will change the Japanese medicine through homoeopathy. I cried for Dr Yui's presentation. I thought that she was a person with warm heart and a big aspiration.