Report DAY 1, PM 7th Dec

Iwafune Musashi Taiko Mr. Hikaru Kami
'Sora' & 'Senpu'

The members of Iwafune Musashi Taiko performed Japanese drum before the presentations of afternoon. Iwafune Musashi Taiko has over 30 years of history since its establishment in 1979. The performance was started with the flute and gradually got moving as drum joined.

Dr. Gustavo Bracho
'Supporting Homeopathy: Homeoprophylaxis as a model'

We invited guests from oversea for congress of this year too. The first presenter from oversea was Dr. Gustavo Bracho, a representative of 'homoeopathy and biotherapy project' of Finlay Institute Cuba Havana. He presented about the example of prevention of infectious diseases with homoeopathic remedies in Cuba. Huge cost is being spent for prevention of infectious disease occurring all over the world every year. But developing country where the damage from infectious disease is serious and people need counter plan for it at the most cannot spend that much of cost. So Finlay Institute started research of prevention of infectious disease with homoeopathic remedies. Homoeopathic remedies have various effect and merit but it is easy to produce and does not cost that much compare with vaccines. Hepatitis A, Dengue and leptospirosis symptom won't aggravate, recovery become faster and duration of hospitalization is decreased when homeopathic remedies are used in the case of all of these. Incidence rate also decreased by homoeopathy, so it was found that homoeopathy can prevent and treat infectious diseases. These results were shown with concrete numerical value. 2.3 million people were visited by the heavy flood in Nov. 2007 in Cuba. There was a risk of spread of the leptospirosis due to the worsening of hygienic environment. Then, Finlay institute conducted mass administration of homeopathic remedy for prevention of leptospirosis at 3 points in the east part of Cuba. It resulted the dramatic decline of infection rate and mortality of in-patients. This case example is the actual proof of that homoeopathic prevention of infectious disease that is not relied on vaccination is effective. A Cuban national hero, José Marti mentioned 'the True Medicine is not curing, but Preventing...". When Dr. Bracho mentioned 'homoeopathy is required for this present world' the audience burst into applause.

Dr. Manchanda, Director General of CCRH
Strategic Position of India in the Homeopathic World & Indo-Japan co-operation

The second guest from oversea is Dr. R.K. Manchanda, who is the Director General of Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy. He specially works in the field of homoeopathic research. He gave a presentation of the use and research of homoeopathy, and explained the current state of national approach to homoeopathy. Currently homoeopathy is used by more than 80 countries. Three in four Europeans know homoeopathy, and 29% of them use homoeopathy for health management. The numbers of homoeopathy users have been on the increase. Homoeopathy is one of the major medications as well as Western medicine and Ayurveda in India. Homoeopathy user account for 48% of the population and more than 300,000 homoeopaths work in India. According to the research, 62% of homoeopathy users have never tried conventional medicines for their health issues, and 82% of them want to continue to stick with homoeopathy except for an emergency. As the reason why homoeopathy became widely used among all Indians, it is supposed that homoeopathic remedies which work by energy and does not use substances is match to the Indian religious ideologies, and also the price is one-fifth of conventional medicines. He concluded his speech with following words "I am pleased that India and Japan could work together in the field of homoeopathy, and expecting to deepen the relationship with Japan from now on".

Presentation by Chairperson of the congress
'Homoeopathy that brings everything back to natural state - Practice of natural farming and case studies in iatrogenic diseases-'

The last presentation of the day 1 is finally Dr. Yui's presentation. She messaged strongly that the key to rebuild Japan and Japanese people is in natural faming while genetically modified products or unnatural food is increasing. She started challenging natural faming from 8 and half years ago gradually but the great east Japan earthquake was happened in 2011. Dr. Yui taught us that she fully realized what the sufferers needed was water and food when she visited the affected area. She accelerated study of natural farming since then. The characteristic point of TOYOUKE Natural Farming is using homoeopathic remedies as well as home-raising seeds and pesticide-free. Normally we were taught that natural faming has demerit of low size of harvest but vitality of plants get stronger and size of harvest becomes high if we use homoeopathic remedies. Also she introduced that selected breeding plants sometimes throwback to the previous state. She showed the video image of such natural faming. She showed cases of children with developmental disorders which were caused by vaccination or etc in the second half of her presentation. We could clearly see that the children with conspicuous probrematic behavior regained their communication ability quickly by Dr. Yui's consultation as a start. Especially the severer side effects of cervical vaccine is a big issue now. She also showed some improved cases that were seen to be caused by the side effect of cervical cancer vaccine. JPHMA is providing free consultation for the sufferer of cervical cancer vaccine. Homoeopathy literally bring back to 'natural' like the selective breeding plants throwback to the previous state or symptom sufferer of harmful effect of drugs is improved. She mentioned 'important thing is to enhance our vitality or self-healing ability and to love ourselves.'

Preparation for panel discussion and break

The video of support activity by Dr. Yui in the affected area of the Great East Japan Earthquake was showed before the panel discussion. Dr. Yui saw and walked the affected area by herself. We could feel her strong motivation to encourage the sufferers and rebuild the affected area.

Panel discussion
'The key of reconstruction of Japan is a fusion of love and science'

Panel discussion by Dr. Yui, the chair person of congress and the other guests was hold. Each speaker of the panel discussion spoke their impression about this congress or their thought. Speakers of the panel discussion:
■Torako Yui, the chair person of this congress (Chair of JPHMA)
■Kaoru Kawada (The Kawada Laboratory, Doctor of Science)
■Nobukatu Fujioka (Affiliate professor of Takushoku University,A council member of Japan Society for History Textbook Reform)
■Dr. Gustavo Bracho (Finlay Institute Cuba, President Advisor the homoeopathy and biotherapy project)
■Dr. R. K. Manchanda (Director General Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy of India)
■Mitsutoku Shintani (Chair of Japan Enterpriser Conference)
■Yasunari Kageyama (Board chairman of Takawa clinic)
■Takeshi Sakou (Homoeopathic integrated medical treatment)
■Hiroyuki Takano (Director of Ikejiri clinic)

General overview of day 1 by Ms. Yui
Song of homoepaths

Dr. Yui made a general comment of the day and message in the end. 'I feel like I return to be a beginner every year when we hold congress. Because we have different theme in every year. We have to challenge new thing every time. We had a issue of cervical cancer vaccine this year. We are thinking of it seriously and will take an action that we can do as we knew the fact that 3 million children were vaccinated and had many side effects from it. Let's think about what we can do for them each other. Let's start farming and love ourselves. I want you to love this country instead of feeling shame as we are living in this country.' Finally we sang the song of homoeopaths all together and the day 1 was closed with well-reputation.

Welcome Party

Welcome party with the title 'Love is invincible' was held at 'Bellsalle First Shibuya' in the evening of the 1st day. We had a toast to the best luck of development of homoeopathy with the speech by Dr. Yui. Party. Vegetables form TOYOUKE Natural Farming were used for the food of the party. All food were gone in the wink of an eye with very good reputations. Musical performance by Chikuyu Yamamoto who is representative Tsugaru shamisen player of Japan was started as an entertainment. Entire site paid attention to the sound of Japan that resonates with soul of us. He also performed improvisation to celebrate this congress. The idea of award of excellence of 'My mother tincture blend contest' was announced and the awards ceremony was conducted. Also bead curtain performance by Dr. Takano of Ikejiri clinic and others was performed. At the last, we had a bingo game. We had gift from guest speakers such as Dr. Bracho, Dr. Manchanda and Dr. Yui as a present for the game and really enjoyed it. In the end, we had speeches from homoeopaths, sang the song of homoeopaths together and closed the party with hand clapping-patter.