Report DAY 1, AM 7th Dec

JPHMA congress by Japanese Homoeopathic Medical Associations (JPHMA) has started and it is the 14th congress in this year. Meiji Shrine where we hold this congress is the biggest 'grove of the village shrine' in Tokyo and it is full of clear air and scent of trees. Meiji Shrine is the perfect place that fits with the theme of this congress 'Homoeopathy, a fusion of Love and Science - Love is invincible-' too. We, Japanese nurtured love and feeling of awe towards nature or others by gathering 'shrine grove' from ancient time. We, who gathered in this 'shrine grove', will transmit Homoeopathy that is a fusion of love and science from Japan to the world and from present to the future.

Opening speech

'I am really glad to have such many participants for this 14th JPHMA congress today. We had 13 times of congress until now. I am very glad to welcome Dr. Manchanda from India, Dr. Bracho from Cuba and many other guests for this 14th congress. We hold the very successful international conference in Germany last year and India in this year. There were so many to learn from India where homoeopathy is developed as one of the major medical service. The congress was very impressive. I am hoping that many Japanese will be able to have benefit of homoeopathy and the success of this congress. I here declare the opening of JPHMA congress in this year.' The opening of this Congress was declared with the speech by Mr. Shin, a council member of JPHMA,.

Greeting form the chairperson of the congress

Greeting form Ms. Yui, the chairperson of the congress. 'I am really glad to be able to hold this JPHMA congress at Meiji Shrine. Because Japanese relied on gods and goddess deeply from the ancient time. Dr. Bracho, the guest speaker from Cuba, used homoeopathy for prevention of disease at the national level. I think Castro in Cuba was great. Dr. Manchanda from India came to Japan for this 2 day congress even being extremely busy with his position to spread homoeopathy as a diplomat. I think Gandhi who recognized homoeopathy was great. I hope that Japan would have the same situation. I was the only homoeopath in Japan 18 years ago. I was alone but saw a lot of clients. Since then, the number of homoeopath in Japan is increasing rapidly and now we have 600 of homoeopaths. I am not alone anymore. I will spread homoeopathy with everyone. I have been working hard for homoeopathy by devoting my life as I was rescued by Hahnemann. I would not be able to work hard that much if I did not have help from homoeopaths in India, Cuba and the other countries. Homoeopathy is still young in Japan compared with other countries. But homoeopathic study in Japan was developed rapidly by seeing a lot of Japanese who suffered with harmful effect of drugs. I always asked Hahnemann every time I saw incurable diseases. Hahnemann said 'disease will be cured as long as there is a symptom'. I would like to cure suffering people with my skill as long as there is a symptom. An I hope that each individual can live their own life hard by curing their body, mind and soul with homoeopathy. Lets enjoy this congress together!'. And earth-shape balloon was passed around to the hand to hand of the participants in the venue as a per usual.

Case report by JPHMA registered homoeopath:
Ms. Yukiko Sakai 'A case of child with brain tumor that homoeopathy supports its treatment'

The first presenter was Ms. Yukiko Sakai homoeopath and reported her improved case of brain tumor. This child was originally suffering with leukemia and treated in hospitalization. She tried to stimulate function of organs with organ support remedies as well as using remedies that alleviate the harmful effect of chemotherapy at the first. It improved physical strength and immunity. Then she prescribed the remedies that were chosen by ZEN method and the client got better day by day and the tumor disappeared or got smaller. We could see the process of the size of tumor getting smaller dramatically with X-ray photograph. She mentioned that she and the client's parents were very impressed by the greatness of self healing ability. She has just started the treatment of chronic disease after the acute symptom went down. She closed her presentation with the encouraging statement that she is going to tackle with diseases with pulling up her socks from now on.

Case report by JPHMA registered homoeopath:
Ms. Chikako Moriyama 'Case of dog that was improved its aggressive behavior and convulsive attack'

The next presenter was by Ms. Chikako Moriyama, an association member of JPHMA and introduced a case of dog. The border collie with convulsive attack. The dog had a characteristic reaction such as aggressive behavior that the dog gets angry all at sudden due to the hypersensitiveness to sound. She selected suitable a remedy by analyzing such symptom in details. After the several consultations and taking remedies, the convulsive attack was improved as well as stress of the owner of the dog. It actually proved that ZEN method can improve not only symptoms of human but also symptoms of dog. We could clearly see the change of the dog through the video before and after the homoeopathic treatment. We could see the harmful effect of drugs strongly in this case but also the way of training the dog is a big factor of problematic behavior of dog. She mentioned that she was willing to support the dog and the owner in future, too.

Case report by JPHMA registered homoeopath:
Ms. Keiko Matsuo 'Improved case of 20 year long rheumatism'

We could feel her thought that she wants to help someone suffering in front of her by all means through her presentation. She started her presentation with such a powerful message that she will carry on homoeopathy with conviction regardless homoeopathy is attacked by media or even in a bad circumstance for suffering people. She analyzed case history carefully not only about symptoms of her client but also his/her genetic tendency of illness or personal history. We could see that the test results of before and after homoeopathic intervention changed by the selected remedy by ZEN method very well. We could learn that test results necessary won't be improved during the symptom getting better in the process of healing from her well considered case.

Mr. Teruhisa Yonemaru
'Practice of natural faming by Nippon Toyouke Natural Farming in Toya that only uses herbs and homoeopathic remedies instead of pesticides and agrochemical with fastidiousness of home seed-raising, seeds and nature.'

Mr. Teruhisa Yonemaru from Nippon Toyouke Natural Farming in Toya branch made a speech under the theme 'As a result of continuing home seed-raising'. We grow crops by using home-raising-seeds with natural farming method in Toya farm. He described that he feels that plants are getting fit with the land year after year. Home-raised-seed has power to fit the land by itself. Although farming with home-raised-seed is natural but actually it is only a few who engages this type of faming. He closed his presentation with the strong statement that he is going to continue the home-seed-raising to keep self-sustained seed for natural farming.

Dr. Kaoru Kawada
'Science that is indicated from life emerging experiment'

The first guest presenter was Dr of science, Dr. Kaoru Kawada from the Kawada Laboratory. He presented with the theme of 'Science that is indicated from life emerging experiment'. He is a leading person in water science and a representative scientist of Japan. He presented at JPHMA congress for the second consecutive year. His presentation in the last year might lead to an explication of the mechanism of the action of homoeopathic ultra-dilution. He presented about a new potential of future science which connects matters and consciousness in this congress. It was suitable topic with the theme of this congress, 'A fusion of Love and Science'. He explained about his experiment of 'Emerging of life from inorganic substances' that was succeeded the first in the world by Dr. Kawada. He showed the electron microscope photograph that shows particle of water form structure by adding only a 1/100 of mineral and that is also succeeded for the first in the world. The image of experiment was shown in the congress and we were very impressed by the image that inorganic substances acquire a life under certain condition. Also he mentioned that acquiring life means acquiring energy. So he made a hypothesis as acquiring energy can be associated with the change of quantity of the matter. Then he conducted an experiment to weight multi-cellular creature at the moment of its energy leaving by using rats. He succeeded to measure the change by using ultra-precise scale. It has a potential to develop a new science including the effect of consciousness to vital activity beyond of conventional science of historical materialism.

Awarding JPHMA certification and Taking a commemorative photo

Awarding JPHMA certification for the graduates of the College of Holistic Homoeopathy (CHhom) who passed the accreditation exam is conducted in JPHMA congress every year.
Graduates were on the stage to receive the certificate.
These following qualified practitioner were newly emerged this year.
・JPHMA recognized professional homoeopath (76)
・JPHMA recognized animal homoeopath (7)
・Japanese Homoeopathic Foundation (JPHF) recognized family homoeopath (25)
・Inner-child therapist (53)
・Homeopathic natural farming pursuer (36)

Represents of each qualification received the certification from Dr. Yui, the Chair of JPHMA.
◆Mr. Kenji Nagata (JPHMA registered professional homoeopath)
'I am overwhelmed with gratitude. Each of us could pass the exam by continuing to go to school despite having our own family matter. Thank you very much.'

◆Ms. Shizue Ishizuka (JPHF recognized family homoeopath)
'I am very glad to be able to learn various things in a year. I would like to learn a lot about homoeopathy from now on.'

◆Mr. Hideo Kitamura (Inner-child therapist)
'There won't be such a great course other than this even in this vast universe. Inner-child banzai a celebratory cheer! '

◆Ms. Kazuko Mizuno (Homeopathic natural farming pursuer)
'I learnt natural farming that is required for reconstruction of Japan that Dr. Yui always mentions.' I would like to tackle from something what I can do so that my family or friend would join us.'

Finally we took a commemorative photo all together.

Case study display

Poser of improved cases by registered homoeopaths across Japan were displayed in the training Room 1 of Meiji Shrine Hall. These displays were shown all the time during the congress. Improved cases of inner-child healing or animals were also seen this year as newly inner-child therapists were born. Participants and exhibiters were actively exchanging their opinions at the venue.