Report DAY 2, AM 8th Dec

The14th JPHMA Congress "Homoeopathy - A fusion of Love and Science". Today is second day, there are many attendances same as yesterday.

National anthem and reminder

After singing National anthem, Mr Yoshitane Akiyama layer, a council member of JPHMA, gave a consideration for opening the 2nd day of conference. He told that the conference was a great opportunity to get various information, and the academic freedom was guaranteed from media manipulation. He also encouraged that we chose information by ourselves not by the government, and explained our rights were protected by the Constitution of Japan and the law. Finally he concluded with enthusiasm that the information which we heard today would help to protect our health, support our daily life, and bring happiness into our life.

Digest DVD of Day 1

A digest DVD of Day 1 was showed, and it made attendances remembered several scenes such as Chairperson Dr Yui's greetings and several presentations in the morning, and the entertainment, panel discussion in the afternoon and the welcome party.

Greetings from chairperson of the congress

The chairperson gave greetings as follows. 'When I woke up in the early morning, it was still dark. It is in the winter and cold now, so please take care of your health by using homoeopathic home kit. A Deputy Chief of Mission in Embassy of India visited the party venue to see Dr. R.K. Manchanda and listen to the situation of homoeopathy in Japan as the minister due to overseas business trip. He was surprised and said how homoeopathy has been diffused in Japan as the party was big. He said if there is something to cure diseases in much safe way than conventional drugs, Japanese people would like to use it, so homoeopathy will be diffused definitely. He also said to us to keep sending the information of homoeopathy in Japan. Dr Manchanda from India and Dr Bracho from Cuba also promised to support homoeopathy in Japan. Dear member of JPHMA, thank you very much for working hard to improve many clients. It is not possible to cure iatrogenic diseases and intractable diseases without using homoeopathy. It is important for diffusion of homoeopathy that we deal with each client with affection and achieve results. This is the second day of the congress. Many medical doctors have started to notice something odd about conventional medicines. Of course, conventional medicine is necessary at emergency. It is good that homeopathy moves forward along with conventional medicine. Let's accept it and promote homoeopathy. Let's accept it with love. 'Love is invincible.' So, let's enjoy today, too.' After the greeting, the earth ball was thrown to the audience and was bouncing here and there lively.

Case study by JPHMA registered homoeopath:
Satoko Kudo 'A Case of Palmoplanter pustulosis that was cured in one year'

Ms Kudo who just became a homoeopath, worked on this case, Palmoplanter pustulosis. The graduates from College of Holistic Homoeopathy (CHhom) cannot be qualified as a professional homoeopath. They have to submit more than 5 cases which they could lead to cure within 3 consultations. The client in this Palmoplanter pustulosis case was told that it would take 7 or 8 years to be cured by hospital. However, Ms Kudo learnt homoeopathy, applied ZEN method, which Dr Yui formulated, and led this client to be cured in much shorter period of time, within 1 year. The effect is so clear by seeing pictures from 'first symptom' to 'cure' via 'the eczema was spread by favorable reaction'. As a conclusion of her presentation, Ms Kudo expressed her gratitude 'It was really good to meet homoeopathy, Dr Yui and ZEN method! It is fortunate for me to find it which I can work on throughout my life!' with emotion.

Case study by JPHMA registered homoeopath:
Akiko Toyoike 'Improved case of Autism, Intellectual disability, ADHD'

Ms Akiko Toyoike showed a case of Autism, Intellectual disability, ADHD 5 year old boy. In the beginning of the consultation, the boy could not learn life habit, had impulsive behaviors and could not make a proper conversation. Ms Toyoike presumed that vaccinations were a main cause of his symptoms. Only 8 month after he was administered homoeopathic remedies to reduce harmful effects of vaccinations, his impulsive behaviors were decreased and he started to learn life habit and communicate with people properly. In the beginning, he was recommended to go to a school for mentally retarded children, but he enrolled a general primal school in the end. The mother of the child was really surprised by his improvement. She was examining Hahnemann's Materia Medica and symptoms of the boy in details and chose remedies to match. Her presentation showed that a big improvement can be led if a homoeopath find remedies to match with the cause of the client's disease and its symptoms even it is complicated symptoms.

Case study by JPHMA registered homoeopath:
Eiichi Shinjo 'Abnormality of internal magnetism and food allergy'

Mr Eiichi Shinjo is a homoeopath at Nippon homoeopathy Centre Tokyo Hq. and a lecturer at CHhom. He gave a presentation of improved case of food allergy. His client had allergic reaction towards agricultural chemicals and food additives, so she could not eat anything and lost her weight. She still could eat vegetables from TOYOUKE Natural Farming without having any problems. He translated what the client had a strange feeling subjectively 'as if I am wearing a pair of stockings' into 'a sensation of spider web' on 200 year old Material Medica. Then he chose a remedy, Alumina. He also analyzed causes of her symptoms, such as her weak organ, a problem in magnet of her false teeth next to next as if he was Sherlock Homes. Many people are taking conventional drugs and polluted food without knowing they will be a cause of disease. His presentation showed that homoeopaths take the measure of potential problems and risk on our daily life and support their clients to lead to improve their symptoms.

Dr Satoru Utsumi
"In order not to be deceived by 'them' - True medicine and for next generation"

He offered a glimpse into the reality of vivid world under the theme "In order not to be deceived by 'them' - True medicine and for next generation" and it was quite a shocking content. Dr Utsumi said 'In a way, there is nobody who has not been brainwashed. As long as we do not notice this presupposition, we cannot escape form a spell of brainwash.' In fact, it was a problem presentation how we are manipulated by media in modern Japan. For example, 'medicine', 'science', 'statistics', 'world organisations' such as WHO and everything is controlled based on 'eugenics'. Furthermore, even we try to escape from this system, there are traps over and over and it is so difficult to get out from there. If we did not know the fact that we were brainwashed and controlled, nothing could be started. On the other hand, Dr Utsumi said that homoeopathy is the true medicine that is why it is attacked. He also advised that people who promote homoeopathy should do their diffuse activities of homoeopathy with risk management, studying the true medicine, history and a structure of the world.

Nobukatsu Fujioka
'Japan goes beyond masochistic view of history - the truth of history'

Prof. Nobukatsu Fujioka gave a presentation about false history. Japanese people who showed a noble spirit at the Great East Japan Earthquake. On the contrary, Japanese people who committed a crime which they made Asian women to be 'sex slave'. Which Japanese is false and true? He showed if the 'House resolution' towards comfort women by the U.S. House of Representative was based on historical truth or false by explaining thorough inspections and showed the problem of comfort women was based on made up history from various aspects. The reason why this issue was adopted at this homoeopathy congress was because guilt feeling from this comfort women issue and the World War was input into many Japanese people without being noticed by education of guilt sense and this is a big hindrance to Japanese people who cannot love themselves and be happy. We learnt how history affect on people's mind and how important to know the true history.

Dr Masayoshi Takahashi
'World of ultramicro - Micro nano bubbles Wonder of tiny bubbles'

Dr Masayoshi Takahashi gave a presentation of strange phenomenon which micro nano bubbles interweave. He started to explain the structure and the character of mico nano bubbles and introduce wide range of micro nano bubbles cases, such as successful case of purifying water in a canal of Osaka bay, supporting of strawberry field, its application to fishing industry, its application to human body and semiconductor materials. He also showed if micro nano bubbles are applied to waste oil disposal which has a problem due to drainage, it will recycle the waste oil and contribute to environment by preventing occurrence of methane. It was very interesting presentation, as the strange phenomenon of micro nano bubbles has a possibility in connecting a mechanism of homoeopathic remedies which are effective by high dilution and succession.