Torako Yui Ph.D.Hom

Born in Ehime in 1953, Torako Yui is a leading disseminator of homoeopathic practices in Japan. While living in the UK, she suffered badly from ulcerative colitis, and after many types of treatment she discovered homoeopathy. She started to study homoeopathy and became the first registered homoeopath of Japanese origin in the Homoeopathic Medical Association (HMA) in the U.K. She returned to Japan and her studies of Hahnemann and homoeopathy have been extremely well received in Japan and abroad. She continues to play a leading role in homoeopathy in the 21st Century, where her theory of "ZEN Homoeopathy" has achieved a remarkably high curative rate for intractable diseases - such as developmental disorders and auto-immune diseases - which conventional medicines fail to fully address. An international advisor for "The Homoeopathic Heritage International", she has given presentations across the globe. A prolific author, her books have been translated into English, and German.

Detailed profile is here (College of Holistic Homoeopathy)

Homoeopathy - A Fusion of Love and Science
Love is Invincible

Whether it is in medicine, science, farming or the reconstruction of Japan, everything starts with heartfelt love. Even such a thing as the National Defense cannot take effect without a noble desire, the wish to protect the nation and its people.

Paracelsus, who was both a physician and an alchemist, said: "A person lacking in love should not practice medicine" and "Science is derived from God". An existence without love strays from the path of God; it cannot heal people or contribute to the development of science.

Shinto, the belief-system at the heart of the Japanese people, focusses on a compassionate omnipresent mind. It has a love for humanity and for all the living things on planet Earth. In this world of love there is care and consideration for all creatures, with no place for the dominance of one powerful group or the exploitation of others or their environment for profit.

We must abandon our current selfish ways of thinking, and seek to embrace everything with an altruistic spirit, showing love and consideration for all those around us.

If we view our national history with a sense of love, we can clearly see the remarkable wonderfulness of what it means to be Japanese.

If we view medicine through the prism of a loving heart we can see that we have the power of healing within ourselves and we can use this to overcome the diseases in our bodies.

If we look at science with love, we can see the miraculous ability of water to retain the information of the substances it has passed through although they are no longer present.

If we look at humanity with love, we can see there are no bad people.

If we see nature with love, we recognize that both the human and the daikon radish deserve respect as a part of nature.

To have faith in love is to show a mercy which cherishes every living thing on earth.

As human beings we should not be foolish. We need to keep looking for truth. Truth is always present. If we look at the world with an unclouded heart we will see the truth that surrounds us. Let us be brave enough to keep telling the truth. Let us love ourselves and transmit this love to every living thing that lives upon the earth.

...because love is invincible.

May the blessings of homoeopathy to be powered onto all existing things!
May each and every living thing appreciate its own existence and live its own life!

Torako Yui
Chairperson of the 14th JPHMA Congress
August 2013