Dr Satoru Utsumi

Born in 1974 in Hyogo, Japan. After graduating from the University of Tsukuba's Medical Department he worked for the Eastern Medical Institute of the Tokyo Womens' Medical University and the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Hospital. While practicing in the field of psychiatric medicine, he noted the deterioration of disease which accompanied in the fields of psychiatric treatment. He wrote the bestseller "Daily Freewheeling within Psychiatric Departments", which exposed the use of psychotropic drugs and the darker elements of psychiatric medicine. Earlier this year he established the Tokyo DD Clinic, an affiliate of the JPHMA, and the first psychiatric clinic to eschew the use of psychotropic drugs. . He also established the incorporated nonprofit organization Yakugai-Kenkyu Centre (Institute of studying harmful effect of medicines). He regularly organizes 'The Symposium on the harmful effects of psychiatric medicine'. Dr Yui was invited to give a presentation at the 3rd Symposium this year at the University of Tokyo's Ichijo Hall.

About my presentation

I would like to take this opportunity of expressing my gratitude to be appointed as a speaker at the Congress. I have been looking into iatrogenic diseases and harmful effects of conventional drugs for a few years and found that such terrible world like the modern age did not exist before. Medical doctors and practitioners are responsible for this, but the citizen and the people are also responsible for this. This situation has been happened due to influence and history to hide and bend about medicine and food as well as history of Japan, but the citizen and the people have also kept being indifference.

In homoeopathy, soul and love are talked about. I am afraid, I might not have understanding of love and soul in depth, therefore, it will be difficult for me to talk about such difficult area. Instead of the area, I will explain about deep relationship between medicine and the world and its darkness, how they persecuted homoeopathy at the head of lists within their power relationship and talk about foresight of real medicine in 10 years'time.

I would also like to explain about falsehood in science. There were troubles for not only homoeopaths but also other people who aim at true medicine to have enough means against skeptic scientists. It is JPHMA and other homoeopaths' job to capture homoeopathy from scientific aspect, but I would like to talk about problems and contradictions in conventional medicine and conventional science as a medical doctor even I am a rogue doctor. As the presentation time is 60 minutes, I am planning to talk the outline and problem points of iatrogenic diseases and harmful effects from conventional drugs.

In fact, I have quite different image towards soul from the one which many Japanese people have. I do not believe existent soul theory basically, and keep having fundamental questions towards soul itself. It would be pleasure for me, such a nihilist to talk about soul from different viewpoint. It would be great if many people will participate in this congress.