Dr Kaoru Kawada

Managing Director, The Kawada Laboratory
Doctor of Science

※Presentation: Sat 7 December

Born in 1934, Dr Kawada graduated in Physics from the Tokyo University of Science. He has worked for the Earthquake Research Institute and the Institute of Solid State Physics in the University of Tokyo and more recently for the Mitsubishi Metal Central Institute. Before establishing the Kawada Laboratory in 1988 he also served on the Science and Technology Agency and the assessment committee of the Ministry for International Trade and Industry.
Researching the origins of life for the "Sakigaki Study 21" run by the Japanese Science and Technology Agency he noted interesting interactions in his study of minerals. He also researches "Kukai" (Japanese Monk protocols) at the Koyazan University, Mikkyo Bunka Institute. He has published 'The truths of birth - why people are born and live' 'The truth in cleaning - how the world is leading to love' 'Finding the real nature of water and our future - the 'Natural face' of water from microscope pictures'.

Towards 'Homoeopathy - A Fusion of Love and Science'

Although Love and Science have been considered as opposite concept, it is not true. Scientific thinking to promote science itself is human beings' basic thinking behavior.

Scientific method and results have a big effect on human life. Human beings' thinking is at the bottom of them and universalistic love exists there with dignity. Besides various activities which are aware of them appeared from various places.

The typical example is homoeopathy - 'the Trinity of mind, soul and homoeopathic remedies. It is the most important that not only a physical action of remedies but also an act of love - a fusion of human beings' primordial mind and soul.

The world of homoeopathy is an act of the world which transcends the work of physical matters.
Genuine scientific verification towards this seemingly mysterious world is about to be done from Japan. Although it is not clear if I can report at this congress, but a big wave has started to appear. Let's bring homoeopathy up to human beings' fortune, taking this opportunity.