Prof. Nobukatsu Fujioka

Affiliate professor at Takushoku University
Council member of the Japan Society for History Textbook Reform

※Presentation: Sun 8 December

Born in Hokkaido in 1943, Professor Fujioka earned his doctorate in pedagogy from Hokkaido University. He served as an assistant professor at Hokkaido University of Education. He is a Professor in the Faculty of Education at the University of Tokyo and an Affiliate Professor at Takushoku University. His primary research is in the educational review of the history of the Second World War. He organizes the 'Association for Advancement of Unbiased View of History'. He compiled a bestselling book "The history which school textbooks do not teach' 1 - 4 (Fusosha publishing). He has been awarded the 21st Seiron-taisho (award for sound argument).
Professor Fujioka's specialism is the way that education currently encourages a masochistic view of recent Japanese history, with concepts such as the Najing Massacre and the "Comfort Women" being used to reinforce guilt. As Chairperson of the "Japanese Society for History Textbook Reform" he is actively involved in revising the global view of Japanese history.
He has also written: 'The revolution of education in modern history' (Meiji Tosho publishing); 'Dishonorable contemporary history' (Tokuma Shoten publishing); 'The contemporary historical era' (Tokuma Shoten publishing); 'A pathology of the masochistic view of history' (Bungeishunju Ltd). He also co-wrote 'Neglect of the nation' (PHP Interface); 'A study of the rape of Nanjing' (Shodensha publishing) 'The truth in choosing textbooks' (PHP Shinsho).